Who Cares About Me?!

I hate the way I feel. I am so lonely all the time. No one knows. I don't have anyone to hang out with or anything to do but sit here behind the computer. I feel horrible. Someone sexually abused me as a kid. My friend's father. No one knows. I lost my virginity.

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  • ooooohhhh poor little thing. Come here so I can stick my c*** in your mouth.

  • Killing yourself is the only way to sweet exscape.

  • Oh for Gods sake! Shut up! people like you come on here and expect people to feel sorry for you, but you know what? Nobody cares about your feelings, or that you were raped! Be sure to walk to that bridge. Gas is too precious and exspensive to use for a looser like you wasting it and all as you drive off to go kill yourself!

  • I agree that you are lame. Go on google maps and find the closest tall bridge. The guy above has some real problems. Your just a cry baby!

  • A bullet would be more effective. Dont you think?

  • No, bullets are not worth wasting on this little cry baby.

  • BOO HOO!!! Go jump off a bridge you cry baby! I was raped by black men in jail for a crime I didnt commit! Have you ever been in jail? Have you ever been raped in jail? NO YOU HAVNT!!!! SO SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

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