Sick and tired of having to go to church.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe in God, the devil (freaking **), Heaven and **. But, I'm just sick and tired of having to go to church every Sunday. Truth is, I've had it with going to church. I mean why, exactly, does a person need to go to church in the first place? To pray and to worship God? Why go to a church to pray to God when I can really worship him any where? I can worship him where I'm living, I can worship him at the mall. I could worship him out in the middle of the forest if I wanted to. God is everywhere and even in all of us so really, I could worship him at any time at any place, church excluded. Another thing I can't stand is going to church on Holy Days Of Obligation. Why should I go to church on a Holy Day Of Obligation? To my dad, going to church on a holy day is mandatory. I have to go because, obviously the key word is obligation. There's just one thing wrong with that. Maybe my dad feels like it's an obligation but I sure don't. Going to church on a holy day may be my dad's obligation but, I don't recall it ever being mine.

Jan 15

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  • The angry part of me wants to say "Burn the church down". But that's because of what the church did to my People with the residential schools. So, why should I hold on to that burning rock of my People's history? But, I digress.

    You're right that your god is in everything. That idea was even in the bible. You don't need to go every Sunday. That's literally a god's day of rest. I felt like I was intruding on his quiet time whenever I went to church with my gf at the time. She believes, and I'm considered a heretic("If you're 555, then I'm 666", sorry). So, I say, if you do, smoke a joint and go for a walk in the wild. You'll have a closer conversation with your god. If not, that's fine as well. But that plant is natural and has benefits. It's the man made stuff that I sometimes question.

  • You should go to church and enjoy the guilt. That's what good Catholics do...

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