I am 24, have slept with 20 people, and

I am 24, have slept with 20 people, and I have never had an o*****, except for when I'm using a vibrator. WTF is wrong with me? My husband's p**** is not small, and he works his ass off trying to make me c**, and it just doesn't happen. I have to fake it every night. I need help.

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  • You better quit faking, cause then he will think he is getting you off! There are many things you can try. If you can only o***** from a vibrator, buy one of those vibrating rings to go around the base of your man's d***. When he thrusts into you you will feel the vibrator on your c***, and hopefully o*****!

  • Get a subscription 2 Cosmopolitan magazine!!! This mag has SEXCELLENT articles!!!

  • I'm a male and I had this one girlfriend who was honest with me that she couldn't get any o***** with me or her previous lovers either. She enjoyed it as far as she could but after I was done, she had to use a vibrator on her c******* to achieve o*****. I felt like such a failure even though it wasn't my fault.

  • Maybe you need a blackman?

  • use your hands

  • can I try?

  • I wass in the same situation. Then I told a friend and here was her advise... Start by building up your muscles down there... when you pee try to stop mid flow - do this until you can easily stop your pea. Then while you are having s**, flex that muscle that you use to stop peeing. Also - don't hold your breath during s**, breath normal or faster than normal. And if that doesn't work - go on top and roll your hips back and forth instead of up & down. (PS - My friend is in the medical field and has lots of knowledge about the female parts - muscles brething and all). It worked for me!

  • ivillage.com has great articles.

  • Normal, normal, normal! Although a little frustrating. You need to use your own, or his fingers as well - at the same time that he's sliding in and out.
    Incidentally, I had an amazing o***** in the shower this morning. I know it's no substitute for intimacy and bonding with your partner, but I switched the nozzle to these power, short bursts of water and flicked it across and back, and WOW! It seemed to last a very long time, too. Perhaps it was a multiple o*****?

  • Totally normal. If you lose the idea of this unattainable goal, you'll enjoy s** much more. I stopped trying to come years ago.

  • Sounds normal to me.

  • Something like 70% of women can only come by clitoral stimulation and not through intercourse. I'd be willing to bet a pretty fair number of those women can only c** by their own hand as well.

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