Stepdaughter Condom Lingerie

I crossdress in my daughter’s lingerie regularly. She’s quite big so most of it fits me albeit a little tight. She has an amazing collection but my wife isn’t into that sort of thing.
After everyone has gone to work I dress up in her suspenders, stockings and occasionally one of her basques, lie on her bed and make myself o*****, being careful not to stain her lingerie and put it back exactly as I found it.
A couple of weeks age I found a vibrator at the back of her lingerie drawer.
I love butt plugs so as I was leaving her bedroom to get some lube I noticed a tied used condom in her bin.
Her boyfriend stays over often but I’ve never heard them s*******.
The sight of it really pushed my button so I picked it up. untied it poured some of the c** over my stepdaughter’s vibrator and the rest into my spread ass as lube.
My o***** was amazing and afterwards I was careful to put everything back exactly where it was before. I felt ashamed afterwards but now it’s my morning ritual to get dressed in my stepdaughter’s lingerie and play with her used condoms. Lately I’ve started to drink the c** so I’m concerned where this will eventually lead?!

Sep 26, 2020

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  • Where it will lead? Dude, you are already at “as sick as it gets without her actually being there with you! But I’m guessing it will lead to some kind of sexually transmitted infection! Not to mention that w/o sterilization, bacteria from your r***** will most definitely give your daughter a serious bacterial urinary tract infection! And w/o boiling, or cleaning thoroughly with a 15:1 water/bleach solution, that is merely a matter of time!

  • You need to stop doing this, it is wrong and also very very disturbing. Go get some help you sick f***.

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