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I've been celibate for 4-6 months now of my own free will, was dating this nice virgin guy that wanted to take it slow, and we broke up at high school graduation.
So... Now I'm single and my friend, J. started flirted with me earlier on Facebook and now apparently we're f.w.b.'s (otherwise known as friends with benefits). This, of course, led to talking with him for three hours straight about s**, us, and other various things.I just love how blunt and honest and just...well, aggressive he gets about it. I like that he speaks his mind. If he wants to s**** my brains out, he'll say it. God, i wish he lived closer to me so I could ride his 8 3/4" d*** and do unspeakable acts
Now I feel stupid..... and quite s**-deprived. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea?

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  • Ok so you go from being celibate for 4-6 months to a complete w**** in a friends with benifets relationship.

  • Don't be stupid! This dude could be a dirty old fat man with an 8cm d***! Get a clue! Not to mention relationships online are never a good idea

  • Sexual deprivation is difficult to cope with, but you shouldn't give up your morals for someone you barely know, through the internet. I won't have a sexual relationship with someone that I don't care about on a very deep level, but many people view s** differently than I do.

  • I agree with the 2nd and 5th posters. You can't truly know someone through the internet.
    When I was young, I got *very* involved with a man through social networking and ended up falling head over heels for the guy. I told him things that I now regret telling him and in the end, it all turned out to be a lie.
    The "man" I'd fallen in love with was actually a drug-addicted woman with mental health issues.
    What I'm saying is, be careful who you talk to on the web and have a w*** and feel better.


  • By chance, was her name Dana?

  • Anonymous; Yeah, I agree with the first comment too,go and have a w***...you'll feel a lot better and your head will be cleared...STUPID......

  • um..that's hot.Ya,I agree with the first anonymous person above that left a comment.You should sit in front of a mirror and watch as you m********* and think about "how bad you want him".Then watch "yourself" as you o***** ;)

  • Give up Facebook and get back into the real world before you totally f*** up your life. You cannot have a "relationship" through facebook. You cannot KNOW a person through Facebook. You need to actually spend time with a person, in the flesh, in the real world in order to get to know them.

  • Ditto. This Facebook obsession has become absurd.

  • Very true. Good comment.

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