I love you.

I remember the first time we were friends.

You were on a journey to weight loss and so was I.

You were bullied in high school for your weight. So was I.

We are so much alike. That's the reason why for that 2 years of diploma course, she meant the world to me.

Even after our graduation in 2010, we still kept in touch.

About a month ago, she stopped talking to me. I became worried sick. Lets call this friend of mine, P.

P had always replied to my messages without fail, always there to comfort me and I am there for her too as well.

Now she completely stopped talking. I dont hear anything from her. She ignores me completely.

All because she developed an eating disorder and I BEGGED her to let me help her. She refused to talk to me since then.

I think about all the things that we went through, all the things that we shared. I cant stop crying.

I love her, why cant she see this?

I asked C, her friend to help me sort out things with P. C blatantly told me she's fed up of me. To think I am not even close with her!

Anyway, I am just upset that a 4-year friendship is slipping away like this.

Of all people, I never thought P would leave me like this.

Jun 19, 2011

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  • Don't take C's word for it!! She maybe,one of P's other close friends,that was jealous of P and your friendship.Some people can be manipulative,you know.

    Do you know where P lives? Does she live near you or further away? If not,go see her directly.
    What's the worse that could happen?

  • :(

    who knows what happened...

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