My father a hypocrite and a drug addict, his life is full and lies and bullshit, he abandoned my brothers and my mum when we were young and decided to run off to another country where he smoked all the drugs that he wanted.

Now he's that he's gotten old he's been slowly worming his way back into the family and spends his days telling anyone that listens that his children are all good for nothing

He regularly goes to the homes of extended family and goes into a spiel about how hard he's had it and how much he tried to instil some morality and good sense in all of his children which is a big ball of bullshit because once he tried to convince me that two prostitutes that he was f****** were actually the orphan daughters of one of his oldest friends(they got arrested and I read the article aloud to him)

Now that he had an aneurysm operated on he's gotten all fearful about the wrath of god and wants to go on pilgrimage to the holy land but because he's old and infirm someone's got to go and wipe his a*** for him and as usual I get to carry the big bag of s***

T Hanks to him my faith wavers between its all a f****** con designed to rob old women of there wares to absolute trembling f****** fear that god is gonna drop-kick my ass into a dumpster just for glancing at the short skirt on the teenager that got on the bus this morning.

I'm totally f****** lost on this issue, I hate him but I'll never f****** say it and like all the other f****** jackasses I'll be queuing up like a damned fool aching to drink the putrid slimy diseased waters at the pool of Bethesda.

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