Thank God that we are both nerds

I'm a nerd. So much of one that when I am at my boyfriends rock shows and there are 300 people packed into the bar/club/whatever going insane. I'm sitting selling shirts and reading Harry Potter Draco/Ginny fanfiction on my phone. I kept the nerdy side of myself a secret for a while, but one day I accidently went on a 25 minute Star Trek tangent. The next day my boyfriend was telling me how shocked he was that I liked sci-fi which only got me rambling about Lucas being an ass, Soylent green being people and the like. He had this look of wonder on his face and then he timidly asked me if I would please watch Battlestar Galactica with him. No one gets it. Not one of our friends likes the things we do and I am so glad that when he walks off stage for break and comes to sit next to me he can ask with a perfectly straight face "Is Draco a deatheater in that one or is it an AU?" Nerds. We come in all shapes and sizes. The girl in the bubblegum dress and heels can be just as big a nerd as the guy in the SG-1 shirt.

Jun 22, 2011

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  • "Perhaps I do not strike you as a geek
    Without the horn-rimmed glasses or knee-high argyle socks
    But nerdery is more than wardrobe-deep
    And I’m a nerd down in my heart, and that’s where nerdhood rocks

    Oh, I’m better acquainted than a good girl ought to be
    With Aragorn and Yo-Saff-Bridge and Worf and HAL and Han
    But you don’t really know me and my culture don’t control me
    So don’t you pigeonhole me, cuz my phaser’s set to stun" - Marian Call

  • :] I wish you many years together.

  • HAHAHA! It really does seem lame when written down, but hey we love it!

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