I am a nerd

I am a nerd. I was the one that was unpopular and you pushed around in high school because i was small and wore glasses. I was the one u rejected brutally because i was a "nerd and/or "geek". I was the one who missed prom because besides graduation, why do I wanna be in a room with any of you dumbass p*****??

I was the one that went off to college while highschool will be the only time in ur miserable life when you were happy and "the man" or the "hot chick". I was the one that got laid the first month too :). I was the one that sometimes spent his saturday afternoons at the library while u sharpened ur skills at...extreme frisbee??

I was the one guarenteed a paid intership while u had to leave college because u couldn't pay for it because u blew ur cash "Maccin the freshies". I was the mature intelligent easy to go to guy u told all ur friends u wanted while u went down the line boning every frat boy or athlete with biceps. And to think u told me that I could never meet your "standards". Well maybe you met him in the community college ur attending due to low gpa.

I was the one who got a job a month after college. I was the one who was paid 1.02 million for the program i developed. YOU WERE THE ONE WHO FAILED.

Now while a mill nowadays isnt like it was 20 years ago..it means i can keep working and dont have to worry about retirement..now if you will excuse me..i have to find a way to spend a cool mill..

Jul 1, 2012

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  • You don't even know how to write. I doubt you have a college education.

  • I think that if you're so smart, you could write with correct grammer...

  • Bitter much?????

  • yea pretty much. Mark twain once said, "I've never wished death upon anyone, but i've looked at obituaries with much satisfaction." While some may not have wished death upon their enemies, u can understand the concept of the saying.

    This is a confession of mine, hence, me coming to confessionpost.com

    Think much?????

  • Alexander Pope once said "To err is human, to forgive devine". The longer you hold the bitternes inside you the more it will suck out of you. You're the only one letting the past control you. Why do you have to prove anything to anyone?

    This is philosophy of mine.

    Release much?????

  • So what about those school jerkasses who needed to make OP's life rough for stupid reasons? Got anything salty to say to them, or were you one of those types?

    Think much?????

  • I was a nerd too....Peace, Man.

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