Got beat up in front of my girlfriend

I'll try and make this brief. My name is Jason. I'm a junior in college and since the second weekend of this semester I've been dating a freshman. She is pretty nerdy but she's really hot so it was kind of easy to get in because she just hangs out with dorks. She always tells me how cool I am and how she likes that. Well there's this one dork in her class that's in her nerdy clique that's always hitting on her and he's made it clear he likes her. He just sits around and plays Warcraft all day and is a total nerd. She just tells me not to worry about him hitting on her.

Last night we were hanging out with her friends and the dork that likes her was telling her how pretty she was with me right there. I had enough, and I had been drinking, so I shoved him. He got this grin on his face like he had been waiting for me to do that. Next thing I know he has me in a chokehold and he punched me in the face multiple times. My girl told him to stop but not before I was crying. We left and the first thing she said to me, not asking if I was OK was "I told you not to worry about it, now you got your as s beat." We walked back to my dorm since I have a single and that's where we normally stay on weekends. She didn't ask once if I was OK and I couldn't even help but cry a bit on the walk home since I was so embarrassed.

She got in my bed and I actually slept on the floor out of embarrassment and kind of hoping she'd give me some attention but she just let me sleep on the floor. Now it's morning and she's still asleep. What do I do now? She always said how cool I was but is she still gonna think that? And that nerd that beat me up is in her clique so I'm going to have to face him again but how can I? Girls, would you stay with me after that? Before you say it shouldn't matter, put yourself in her shoes and ask if you'd really still date a guy after that happened....

Mar 16, 2015

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  • Step 1: Start weightlifting

    Step 2: Learn martial arts

    Step 3: Challenge him again

    Step 4: Beat him up

  • Sorry bud

  • I mean ooooof

  • Off

  • Bro my middle jason all I got to say is go learn some karate or something so you can make that kid pay

  • I got beat up in front of my girlfriend one time but it was much more embarrassing than that, and for a few different reasons.

  • Can you tell us what was it about

  • I'll give you some advice.
    Women are attracted to strong men. Period.
    Most likely this guy was planning to attack you and that just happened to be the right opportunity.
    As a from the hills trucker, my daddy always said if there is a difference in size or strength with your opponent then pick up some difference laying around and give it to him good.

  • No way u loser , I'm surprised she even went home with u he'll be banging her in no time

  • Ya saying to truth

  • Poofta

  • Jason, you are a junior in college and you are getting into fights? You need to grow up.

  • What a bunch of lame azz advice. First of all. The term dorks is stupid. I was the cooler kid in HIgh school. I was an idiot because there was alot of dorky girls that liked me in high school that I would love to now Fuc. As for you mr cool guy. You fuked up. But its pretty normal for your age to act like that. After you turn 30 you would appreciate the comment of someone telling you girl she is pretty. That lame ass dork had it all planed out for you and you were right on that. He sounds like a dip shat dork IMO. What you have to do now is play it cool with him. Be a little bi tch passive towards him infront of your girl. Also tell her you acted immature. Secretly make sniding remarks to the dork so it will irrite him enough to come after you. LIke what you did to him. Once he toutches you. This is your chance to lay him flat out. There are pressure points on the temple nose and throught. You have to prepare and react quick. A chop to the throught, ball your knuckles and aim for the temple, or paml shove the nose. Would also help if you took some self defense lessons. Sounds like you never did. Dont ever involve pushing or shoving in a fight. It can have a reactive affect if the guy took defensive classes. Quick strikes grab your girl and walk away. Say sorry to her. But you were afraid and dont want to get beat up again. Dont be a pu ssy and do nothing.

  • You just taught a 12 year old something thanks I will try this out on gavin one day

  • He already proved he's a p**** by starting the fight.

  • You f****** stupid p**** c***

  • Consider this an important lesson in life that will last beyond this relationship - don't assume that all nerds are one dimensional. Think before you act. If he's a nerd, don't you think he'd been bothered before and bullied in school? He clearly learned to defend himself. As you move beyond college, realize smart people and "dorks" aren't one sided. In terms of this girl, you're done and he's moving in. You will never be respected in her crowd and she'll grow tired of being with the guy they make fun of.

  • She's probably p***** at the way you acted and you want attention for it. If she didn't like you, she would have had you walk home alone or not have stayed. Not sure what is happening now since you posted this. At some point, the bigger issue is when are you going to grow up? She's a freshman and it was probably not in her best interest to tell you that some guy is flirting with her and she does nothing to stop it, in fact she encourages it. And you played right into it. At some point, you have to be confident in your relationship and with whomever you're with and not stoop to these lame games. You think that because a guy is a dork or a nerd that he can't kick your ass? That guy has probably been bullied his entire life and well you got what you deserved that night. Have a talk with her, apologize for your actions. Express to her what you were unhappy about and see if you two can move forward. Think I would be disappointed with how you handled yourself. Because then I would have to defend you to my friends who would wonder WTF is his problem. But if this was a one time episode and you don't drink to the point that this Fighting Jason comes out then it shouldn't be a deal breaker.. You go up to her friend, extend a handshake and apologize for being a j***.

  • You'd have to defend him to your friends? That's something high school children would do.

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