o.k. Last weekend, I was trying some

o.k. Last weekend, I was trying some body shots with some people. My boyfriend was working, and was not around. I have done body shots before, and never thought anything of it.

Now, I enjoyed it, and yes, some extra groping, kissing, licking went on. I do not think of it as cheating. I did take a few off of some girls and guys, but mostly was the one that had the shots off of. (guys and girls) I do not think of it as cheating...but the boyfriend might if he finds out. I know some pictures were taken....and I did get pretty drunk so not sure what happened in the end.

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  • Body shots are hot...And extra feeling, groping, and licking always happen.. So fun!

  • Maybe you should keep that information away from your boyfriend if it was a one time thing and you feel sorry for it and are not going to do it again, don't bring it up, it will just get him upset.

  • you don't seem really ready for a serious relationship in you're going around taking and giving body shots off random people. And chances are, if you're worried that it was cheating, it means you feel guilty, which means it is cheating.

  • I did this when I was in Florida for one wild, drunken summer. I went to a club and got s*** faced drinking s** on the beach. I got up on the bar, in a tiny skirt, and unbuttoned my skirt and let a few people do bell shots. You know, most people may think it's bullshit that you can get so drunk you don't know what you're doing, but still remember it later, but it can happen. I am normally not like that, I am very shy and quiet and reserved. Anyway, one thing that sticks out in my mind and makes me cringe to this day is what a bartender said. He said "If she wants to act like a w**** we'll treat her like one!" Apparently someone had complained about them getting me to do it bc I was so drunk. Anyway, the next day, my neighbor, who went to the club with me, comes over while Im still puking and yells at me, telling me that I was letting guys finger me up on the bar. I will never know if they did or not, and I will never stop being ashamed of it. Please don't be proud of being slutty. H***, if you need something to brag about, go to school and make good grades, do something nice for someone, donate to charity. BC acting like a w**** is nothing to be proud of.And yes, your boyfriend would be p*****, whether you feel you cheated or not.

  • yeah it was cheating.

  • S***.

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