I dont like gay people

I think that gay people just want attention or are looking for happiness in a sick way. nobody in their right mind can possibly like the same s**. if you tell yourself that gays are born gay and cant help it, then your just lying to yourself. its sad that our world is accepting such sinful behavior. only in a truly evil world would it be ok for a man to have sexual relationships with another man. i do not hate homosexuals, i just highly dislike them and am completely against all of it. i will continue to pray for all of them to find a better way to reach happiness and to hopefully get to know God.

p.s. i know that yall are going to post comments telling me im a rude homophobic j*** who thinks im better than everyone else because im a christian. but in reality, i am no different than any of you or the gays that i dont like. we are all sinful and deserve to go to h***. so please, if you plan on commenting what i just said, save your time and think of something better to say.

Jun 28, 2011

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  • I think its a disease lik alcoholism

  • you do not matter at all

    i do not care about you at all

    what you think does not define, change or matter to me

    think away and no need to tell us, we wil be fine

  • okay, look. you have no right to judge people by their sexual orientation. you of all people should know that it isn't your place. and I for one, am very disappointed in you. nobody gets to choose if they're gay or not. it's wrong for them to shove their beliefs down your throat, but look at what you're doing to them. you selfish b******. you think you are all high and mighty because you are heteral sexual, and have "god" on your side. get over yourself.

  • You're right, no one has a right to judge others by their sexual orientation.

    By the same token, we ALL have the right to not applaud wildly whenever someone shrieks to the world -about- their sexual orientation.

    Yet right now we're all supposed to lose our f****** minds with adoring worship every time a gay or trans or non-binary person fishes for attention via their sexual orientation... and if we don't, we're bigots or haters or whatever.

    I know, I know... this makes way too much sense and will therefore be ignored. Too bad. When the shine is off this particular apple, what I just wrote will become more and more acceptable. Many people are already thinking it, but aren't saying it because the gays and trans and fluid folk go apeshit if they think they're not being exalted enough. Stupid children.

  • I feel sorry for you.
    Not in a patronising way.
    In an honest-to-god (if you'll pardon the pun) it makes me sad way.

  • religious idiots at their finest.

    i hate people like you because you stop the progression of thought in an entire society with your idiocy. if you were to have your way we'd all still be in the f****** middle ages.

    thank god (lol) that we have people willing to see through all of that stupidity and are making changes for the better.

  • For all those saying you're disgusted by society for accepting this "sin"...since when is all society one religion? I have many friends who range from Buddhists to Atheist for crying out loud! Though they don't always agree and don't have the same god in some instances they come to terms with each other. I SUPPORT gay relationships, and I'm bi myself. You have NO RIGHT to say that you are disgusted by society because society is not one religion. It is many or none made up together. You stupid idiots all think you're top s*** when it comes to these things, but not everyone is Christian or Catholic. Just because one religion finds it disgusting does not mean everyone else does. When you speak, speak for your f****** self and NOT society.

  • You don't love a God. You love your comfort.

  • God... Bahahahahaha! Oh dear, you're so funny!

  • im sorry but please show me where in the Bible it says that homosexuality is accepted by God? where does it say in the Bible that Christians should accept homosexuality as a way of life? it does not. no where in the Bible does it approve of it, just as God does not approve murder of stealing or any other sin. Homosexuality is a sin, and i hate sin. i dont hate the sinner, i dont hate gay people. i clearly stated that i pray for them. i just hate the sin, and am disgusted that it is accepted by our society. accepting homosexuality is like accepting any other sin, which should never be done.

  • I think everyone has a right to their opinion, yours could have been a bit nicer, sure, but it's still your belief. I was raised with two moms, so a mom and a dad might be the usual for you, but that was usual for me. My grandmother says that she noticed my birth mother acting strange since about first grade, saying that so-and-so wasn't her friend she was her girlfriend. For a strong southern baptist to admit that she believes homosexuals are born that way is something that I won't argue with lol. I'm straight and married, I was raised in a very religious home, sometimes going to a baptist church with grams, or to the prespaterian church with my moms. I wouldn't change them for the world.

  • Why do you expend so much effort judging others? Are you afraid of your true feelings and use your faith as a shield? Obviously you need to move on and not worry so much about others.

  • dont worry about others? could you sound any more selfish? we were put on this earth to serve and glorify God. without Him, we would not even exist. without Jesus, we would be in a pit of scorching fire. i owe everything to God, and to see the gays immoralizing our world upsets me. to see others approve of their sin and encourage, to be honest, saddens me. as for my true feelings, i just posted them. if i were to make a confession under an anonymous name, then why would i hide my true feelings? God help us all, for we have truly drifted away from His word, and i am just as guilty, for what have i done to stop it? absolutely nothing. :(

  • Oh,
    so my SOLE reason for being on this earth is to serve and glorify this so-called "God"?
    Alright there d******, grow a brain
    OR, why don't you just "pray" for one... Cause you know praying is gonna end war AND world hunger... So go for it, and bathe in your ignorance loserrr.

  • Are you God? Wtf, how would you know what he thinks is wrong and right? He wishes for their happiness right? So they do whats making them happy. Who are you to say that they're bad people for wanting to be happy? We're suppose to "love one another," are we not? Some people over think such things. But everyone has a right to their own opinion.

  • I feel exactly the same way. And good for you for saying so! It's so totally unpolitically correct to say you disapprove of gays nowadays.

    God forgive us all, for all have fallen short of the glory of God.

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