I must confess. I hate gay people

I don't have a problem. But you do. I'm a man and I love being a man. I love how God made me. I love my mom and dad too. But I hate gay people. You and to know why. The children. These little innocent creatures need parents as man and woman. These tools parade around in underwear or nothing at all. And they think this mess is funny. I can't stand looking at them. These children in a America future is gone for good. What is wrong with a America and there standards. What about loving God Almighty. There are people losing there jobs because they refuse to deal with this gay junk. There is a war my people. The gays are destroying traditional families. I have children. All boys. I'm raising them to be Kings. Not no damn drag queen. Aids scars me. I will not shake the hands of no human because I think they are in the alley at night doing Sodom and Gomorrah work. Satan is alive and well. And He is very busy today. I keep my wife in church and reading the bible all the time. I'm a preacher and about this mess to young children. I tell these young children don't do it. It's an ABOMINATION. You people need to pray and leave that mess alone. You will come around me and family. I'm protecting them with my guns and my heart and soul. Praise God

Apr 22, 2020

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  • F*** gay people

  • Exactly

  • As a tranny, (I was converted as a teenager into this) I can confirm. This isn't something you want your kids doing. Save your family. Turn off the TV. Take them camping. Better yet to church.

  • You're doing god's work my brother, you and your family will find heaven well.

  • Ur smelly b**** have probably never been washed. what's it like never having felt the touch of a woman?

  • How does it feel to not have a dad? How does it feel to be so much of a low life you pray for hellfire and death because nothing favors you? You dye your hair and dress in black because you want attention you self-centered freak of humanity.

  • I agree with the OP. God made man AND woman to meet each other's needs. If God wanted man to be gay, HE would have created 2 males. Sorry, LBTG crowd, 2 females, 2 males can't get each other pregnant, no matter what science comes up with.

    Having said that, I have gay friends, even a nephew who is gay. Do I love them? Of course I do. I'd do anything for them. BUT, they know I don't approve or condone their lifestyle.

    My main beef with the LBGT crowd is they want to 'force' THEIR opinion on me. Sorry, never gonna happen. I don't 'force' mine on them. If it comes up in conversation, I simply tell them the truth according to GOD ALMIGHTY. After that, ball is in their court.

  • And God will place a halo on your head my brother, god's intentions were clear, gays should not exist. Now, I may be a capitalist, but I think putin might've been onto something when he made gay's illegal.

  • When I read this, I imagine all the self-hate you have because of your homoerotic desires. It's OK to suck d*** or get f*****, really. Do you a world of good.

  • If you wanna suck d*** go right ahead, I'll be laughing my head off when you're being consumed by hellfire.

  • Gay guys can be cute. They keep themselves in shape.

  • What about all them catholic preachers molesting all those little boys?? If it is so wrong then why are there so many priests touchin all those little boys butts ??

  • Why do gays take up 2% of the world's population but commit 45% of the child molestation crimes?

  • Because catholic is a false belief

  • It is wrong because those boys didn't (and really couldn't meaningfully) consent -- not because it was same-s**. Same-s** is fine.

  • My Dad used to give us boys a very similar lecture, while his p**** was b**** deep in my ass and I sucked on my brother's d***.

    I hope you get the s**** you deserve.

  • Proof that all gay's have troubles with their father. :)

  • Wow, you're a piece of s***. That's fine, we hate you. Not all straight people, just you. Be a man and say this s*** at a gay bar and see if you walk out, b****.

  • Gays bars are always full of hate

  • What are you going to do? Hold him down and paint his nails?

  • I spilled my coffee you funny b******

  • You ain't going to do nothing.

  • That's good you hate them. everybody else is hating them

  • The hate you carry around makes it impossible to follow the path of Christ, I urge you to let it go. I will pray for all the people in this thread with so much hate in their hearts.

  • You gays always want attention

  • God doesn’t exist. Your whole moral foundation is built on myth. And you’re probably gay yourself. I hope you found that offensive. Kiss kiss.

  • We'll see who's got that fat f****** smile on your face when we see who's going to h***.

  • You cant have morality with out a God who says whats right or wrong in the first place.

  • You need a god to tell you what's right and wrong?

  • B#tch I'm not gay, stay away from children

  • Oh god, another loud idiot mooing about "duh chiiiiildren"
    If they're not hiding behind a bible, they're hiding behind their little snot-miners. What a pathetic breed.

  • Cry about it.

  • Anybody who plays the children card is not very smart and is going for emotional manipulation.

  • Be quiet, are you into children. That's not fair to the parents

  • Stay away from children Dwayne Wade

  • Go get some help idiots

  • You get some help!! The crap you doing is destroying children. Let's make America straight again

  • Haven't heard that one, thanks.

  • F*** you libturd. Go eat s*** and die in your little bubble.

  • What bubble? Look stop stalking me, I have a man

  • Oh!! What's the matter mommy can't produce breast milk for little tommy

  • Soon you will be raped by all the gays in the world

  • And all gays will burn alive by the American people

  • I am an American and a gay... LOL

  • What!!! Keep that to yourself. Children don't need to hear that

  • When I take over America, I’m doing terrible horrible things to the F-ing LGBTQ community, not just Murder towards them, but torture and Castrations for both men and women, oh wait, they are not Men or Women no more, they are different from all of us.
    Their sexual needs are far more important to them and they wish to preserve this Sodomy ideology for many Generations, cause if they don’t preserve their perverted heritage, than they die out like the Native American culture died out bit by painful bit. Believe me this is the truth that they are going to die in the future, if Christians don’t murder them, than Muslims certainly will murder them.

  • We need to get rid of these gay parasites!!!!

  • Welp.
    I salute you

  • Cry about it. happy pride month f**

  • How the f*** does that make any sense? you just f***** yourself you f****** idiot XD

  • Believe God honey, Americans don't have a clue

  • It's white women fault because this gay crap going. Now they want men to wear dresses.

  • Tricking

  • What we need now is to strip all women of their rights and ban soy in all of our supermarkets. Plus, make testosterone increasing products available to all men so that they can become men and not the beta cucks we have now.

  • Praise God brother, it's about time someone is real. Thank you. We need to protect our children from these people. All Christians need to come together and ban this gay trash from this earth. Let's pray together and ask the LORD for help. Love you brother. Praise God

  • I am going to infect ur children with the gay virus

  • Why not infect your brain with led?

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