I 'm Gonna Cheat on her for Sure

Most of the time,I cant stand my girlfriend.She is mostly mean and selfish.We have kids together and thats why I try to stick around...but I care about her I think.
She likes oral s** because it makes her c** so violently for so long and relives her from abdominal pain.When I am feeling good,I give it to her and it wears her out for days.

She used to give me oral s** and was consistent and aggressive about it.That is when she wanted kids and could do almost anything for daily s**.But for the last year or so,she makes excuses not to give it to me.She says her "heart is not in it" and she is "waiting till the urge to do that returns by itself".We discuss it and she says she does not want to force herself to do something like that.I never insist that she gets oral with me.She used to give me awesome s**,now its just mediocre and she seems not to care.

Last nite I gave her oral and she felt so good she covered herself with a pillow to keep herself from screaming.She could not stop orgasiming so she pushed to stop.Then I got on top of her and she said don't do it too hard because I will feel pain.I know she experiences pain during and after s** so am always taking it easy and pleasuring her with oral.After she said that,I got on her and within few minutes,I exploded in her and got off.I did it lightly and didn't want to go long because she complains that my long fat d*** hits somewhere inside her and it causes her intense pain thereafter.I believe it because she has a prescription.

Today,she got my phone and looked at each of the hundreds of pictures I have in there.She even deleted two of hers she did not like and asked me who was who.I never mess with her phone but she has forever messed with mine and we argue about it.After she got done with mine,I asked her to help me fix something in my phone.While she was dooing that,I picked up her phone and was looking at the messages.She noticed that and got so mad she grabbed the phone from me and told me how unfair it was that I was doing that.I never said a word back.I was stunned at her reaction and sorry that I was looking at her phone that I never care about anyway.I am sure she has something to hide in that phone.She did not even give me a kiss goodbye when she left for work.

I have never really cheated on her in the 3 years we have been together, but I have had s** with three women while her and I were broken up and leaving apart.I don't think she has ever cheated on me but lately,I am not 100% sure.

So in 35 days,I will be going out of the country for 20 days.I will make sure I line up one or two women to have s** with till I come back.I'll try and get all the oral s** I can get and when I get back,I will assume that I did nothing.That will be a good payback for her selfisheness and great pleasure for me.


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  • Congratulations. she used you for your baby batter and now that she's shat out a couple of meal tickets, your libido is no longer part of the equation. stick with her no matter what and mess up those kids' heads real good. we need lots more quality people like you two in this world!

  • UPDATE.While out of the country,i cheated on her with her own relative and another girl.I used protection in one case and fingered her married relative,making her c**.GF met me back in that country for one day but we had no s**(i was sick) and I flew back the next day.
    She was in that country for three weeks,met an old boyfriend and wants to marry him.When she returned,she wanted to live with me as a roommate.I told her no way.WE HAVE NOW BROKEN UP and am into a few women to date and choose from.I am so happy and sad that we broke up,it has been 3 years of h***.

  • i think u should break up with her and get a new gf

  • Why don't you break up with her and petition a court so you have rights to see your kids? Doesn't mean you don't still care for your GF still but at least you could be with someone who gives you the sexual attention you need.

    Oh yeah, and why don't you check out her phone more when she is sleeping or leaves it unattended?

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