Panic attacks and random sobbing.

I continually wake up in the middle of the night and find myself sobbing...followed by a panic attack and then more sobbing.
Two of my childhood pets have died in the last three months, both at separate times, due to sudden health problems.
My mom's undergoing another breast cancer related surgery in a few weeks.
I'm starting my first job as a camp counselor in about a week, and it's set-up alone has required all of my time and energy.
I'm also under 18, so with the added hormones and basic teen angst...
I think I might be depressed or having serious emotional issues brought on by recent stress.

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  • The man who raped me can't let go and wants me to love him but I can't. I never did. I love others. I always did love someone else and always will. nothing could make me love him. nothing. I wish he could see that and let go and let me move on. like just man up or be caught for what you are. he no longer can give me panic or sobs. i just feel nothing towards him like i did right from the start.

  • Wow i saw this post and had to comment. I find myself sobbing for no apparent reason and at times when im at school and what not i get panic-y, stop breathing, and basically freak out. Im only 16 and this seriously worries me because my friend went through the same thing and ended up in the hospital under suicide watch. I was suicidal in the past and im starting to go through the same stuff i did then. If you have advice please reply to my comment!!!

  • I've definitely been there. My mom had breast cancer when I was in 5th grade, and it was definitely hard to deal with. Pets are easy to get attached to, and it's very difficult when they pass. Maybe going to your job will help keep your mind off things? Sometimes you just need a break and to get out of the house. Seek counseling, if it helps. That's a lot to deal with, and sometimes just talking to someone unbiased helps. Best of luck, to you, and a speedy recovery to your mother. My captcha has the word "hug" in it, by the way.


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