The World We Live in Is False

Humans are such strange beings to me. We live in a world in which we feel has order and is civilized; this is quite true in some portions of it. Yet for the rest of it, I see nothing more than repeated acts of malice, cruelty, domineering, selfishness, and impulsiveness that releases any grip of our so called humanity. The men is society claim to be civilized and masculine at the same time. Such a contradiction is seen everyday as we intend to do good while we consciously seek a higher sense of dominance over our fellow man. This dominance is for momentary pleasure, an impulsive animalistic tradition that has been passed on since the first beings of life were ever formed. True Competition is a different matter. In competition, you may compete with your opponent while still holding dignity and honor with your fellow man. The alternative is to dominate, giving you, the human being, a temporary sense of accomplishment and a self-appointed title in a man-made society. These senses are what drive the modern human world and all id state creatures. Society has become a constant scavenge for self-created entitlement with treasures such as money, dominance, drugs, alcohol, s**, and social acceptation. The human world deems these important because they give us humans a sense of self uplifting pleasure that fades as quickly as it first came. The masses drown themselves in such momentary and impulsive senses, constantly consuming this world until their life is utterly forgotten. The reason for all this, all these temporary prizes we hold so dear to us, is that we as humans are wholly mortified by any sense of vulnerability. To mask this impending sense of insignificance, we create problems and situations that we self-apply as important and carry them out, thinking that we must feel anything other than this profound sense of unimportance. We see our lives as short and unimportant in the vastness of the known universe so we regard them as nothing but vessels in which we may create constant senses of intoxicating pleasure. We sell our lives away to electric signals in the brain. Currents in our own brain cells now rule over us. It saddens me as I watch a human tragedy play out everyday. We have lost ourselves in our doubt and have forgotten what significance we do have; about how fortunate we are to be living creatures and conscious of this thing we call life. Instead, we drown it out until we feel no more and the years of our life have fade becoming only a blurred memory of what once was. Maybe I'm the crazy one, but for myself, I know that none of that will matter and that I can still live peacefully and happily with the significance I do possess.


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  • I think you just changed my life.

    Thank you.

  • So true and refreshing to hear that from someone. I don't in what facet of your life you are: maybe in your 20's, late 30's or so on. But kid you are way ahead of the game. Realizing this when you are young can help you cut through all the bullshit that is out there. It also helps you focus on what you want to create for yourself and for the people around you. Best of luck!

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