I left her husband a momento

I met this girl in college and we fell madly in love. We moved in together after two months and had a fantastic whirlwind romance for the rest of the school year. Just before school let out she confessed that she was engaged to a guy from her hometown and we couldn't see each other over the summer. I was devastated and we had a huge fight.

Five years later she was now married to this guy and I happened to be coming through the town she had moved to. I thought I'd try to get some closure and make peace with her. Let bygones be bygones and all that. I called to see if she'd meet me for dinner and she said her husband was out of town for the weekend, so she invited to come over for drinks and grill some steaks and we could catch up on old times.

It was awkward at first but a few glasses of wine helped ease the tension. I told her how much she had hurt me by lying and not revealing she was already engaged when we met. i guess I was hoping she'd at least acknowledge my feelings and her poor judgment. Instead, she kind of laughed it off and said things like "yeah, college is all about having a good time" and "we had fun" and basically dismissing the fact that she f***** with my head. I was a bit miffed but realizing maybe she wasn't such a good catch after all. For the first time I was glad I hadn't ended up with her in my life.

By the time we polished off the 2nd bottle of wine we were laughing about all of the fun crazy times we'd had and had caught up on what all of our mutual friends were up to. She gets a 3rd bottle and comes back out to the deck, a little wobbly, pours me a glass and then sits on my lap. Next thing you know we're kissing and feeling each other. Half an hour later we're in her bed going at it like bunnies. We always had epic s** and that night was no different. Maybe some of the wildest we'd ever had.

The following morning she gets up to go to work and tells me to let myself out after I've showered. Says she enjoyed last night and have a good life, etc, etc.

I was laying there thinking how weird this was and picturing her putting clean sheets on the bed before her husband got home. As I got up, I saw my boxers and two spent condoms and wrappers on the floor. I just stared for a minute and then, with a little laugh, I pushed the pile under the edge of the bed with my foot. LOL, something to remember me by.

Two days later she calls me up in a panic. "Oh my god, you left your underwear and condoms under the bed and he found them! He's livid and stormed out of here." "I did? Oh no, I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

B****. They divorced shortly after that.

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  • This is awesome

  • she deserved it for cheating.

  • She is a w**** and all whores should be taken out in the street and shot dead, one bullet in the head..all done..

  • I hope they were Magnums! lol

  • You are a d*******.

  • You are a cad and a j******. May her husband kick your b**** ass!

  • its funny how karma can come bite you on the ass. revenge is sweet its sometimes the only thing that makes you know that not everything is aginst you

  • That is freaking awesome. I would have done the same thing. good job.

  • No doubt she is a c*** but you are a p****...p****. S*** stains like you...well...are a s*** stain.

  • Yeah, well, I wasn't looking for anything to happen that night. She basically jumped me so what's a guy to do? You're telling me you wouldn't have responded if some sexy chick was grabbing at your junk and sticking her tongue in your ear?

    And I later found out I wasn't the only guy she cheated on her husband with. Just the first he found out about. So in a way I was doing him a favor. It would have ended in s*** for them sooner or later.

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