And i still miss you

At this point i don't think i'll ever get over you. ITs been a year and half since we broke up and went our seperate ways.
You seem a lot happier then i'am you have a new girlfriend who you love a lot. And i have a boyfriend who i love a lot. But for me its different. When i go to sleep i still dream of you, getting you back, feeling your touch and looking at your smile on your beautiful face.
I honestly miss you soo much and it doesn't seem to be going away. You were my first. How many people have a 3 year relationship. We were 14 but it was love and we both knew it. But now you wont talk to me. You say i'm a part of the past that you dont want around. WE havent talked in a year. I text you and tell you i miss you. but i know wont do anything because your happy and youve changed. And i'm still waiting for you to miss me too.

Jul 7, 2011

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  • Gawwwwwwwd these sorts of confessions are predictable and pathetic. How many have relationships for three years? How about hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Many couples break up after decades together of marriage, kids, joyous milestones, tragedies and more. Your school sweetheart has moved on, you should too. Texting him that you miss him makes you look real bad. Plus, your current boyfriend is likely to see those texts eventually if you don't grow up.

  • Your advice is spot on, time to move on, but have a little comapassion she was basically a child at the beginning,and far from being grown up now. I still think of loves from many years ago occasionally. It's a hard part of life.

  • OMG.. im in the exact same situation.
    the guy was my first and we were together for 3 years.
    be thankful that hes not your next door neighbor! :(
    the guy and I broke up about 2 years ago.

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