Blue moon


I dont know if you will see this, and i dont know how many others call you bluemoon. As far as i know, im the only one that calls you that and i wanted to direct this note to you without naming you but also if u see it, i want u to know that it is from me...look, i just need you to know that I loved you, I love you, and will love you always. If you ever want to fall in love like we did that night, look me up and lets make it last this time. At least longer than one night...even if you only wana give me two i promise I can make you fall in love again...and this time I wont mess it up. Ill stop smoking. I wont let him mess it up. Ill block her number. Im gonna keep you. I promise. I miss you. And you are beautiful, please stop telling yourself you're not.
Idk how to sign this so maybe i'll use what Im hoping you remember..
-Vanilla, DAS.

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  • I think we can all agree that chocolate tastes wayyy better that vanilla.

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