Had Enough

Ok well I have a boyfriend of almost 4 amazing months that I love to death! well there is a boy in my class ok? I have never liked him EVER he has always been mean and stuck up and rude and just an all around pain! he brags because he's 'rich' or some s*** right? Well he just happened to show up to my Sister's baby shower!! It was in a park and he took my sister's cake and smashed it!!! She was devastated and I had to go and buy a new cake from Wal-Mart!!!! The original cake costed me $135.00 and was just beautiful!! totally worth it! but when I told the guy he should pay for a new one he clocked me one and I am a girl!! Should I take revenge or let it slide?

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  • Agreed with first comment, I'm a guy and if I saw that,hokly crap he would get his assbeat and he knows it. That is why he picks on you, I can't believe this story. What a p****!!

  • Call the f****** cops to make a report of the incident, which you should have done in the first place.
    Next, if you have witnesses that saw the fucktard smash the cake and striking you, go to the Magistrate Court in the county where the assault took place and see about getting a warrant for the fucktards arrest for simple assault and criminal damage to property. DO NOT DELAY....get the s******* locked up, and get some restitution as well as a protective order valid for a year. Good luck, now get off your ass and get down to the court house.

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