Is This Really Anything?

I recently hired a woman in my apartment building to clean my place once a week. It's a small place and not a lot of work for her to clean for what she's charging, so I asked her if she'd do my laundry for me, as well. It's a huge hassle for me normally, and when she said she'd do it for only ten dollars more each week, I agreed.

I didn't think anything of it, but my boyfriend REALLY gets all excited over the idea, for some reason.

Now, I do admittedly have an pretty large selection of rather nice lingerie (it's a weakness for me), and my BF just seems to LOOOOVE that I happen to have a random Hispanic woman washing it every week. He keeps bringing it up to me, asking me things during s** about Irma (the lady I'm paying to do cleaning for me). He keeps telling me all about how he's just SOOO turned on by the thought that some other woman is handling my bras and panties and whatever else, etc, every Friday.

Men are men (and they do their weird things), so I just went along with him at first and didn't complain. I'd tell him whatever he wanted to know and play along that I also thought it was fun to have another woman washing my underwear each week (even though I didn't, really); but, lately, my BF's been asking me to do things to sort of, I guess, "taunt" Irma, and I feel a little weird about it. Like, he once wanted me to leave a vibrator in a certain place where she was almost certain to see it, and he wanted me to leave my birth control pills sitting out on the kitchen table (for some reason), and he wants me to leave the absolute sluttiest lingerie possible in my basket all of the time so that the lady will have to wash it.

I actually did those things for him, but wonder if that was wrong. I don't know. I mean, I suppose I do understand why he gets so excited by this; but I also worry that it's a bad sign. And I feel bad about using this nice woman (Irma) to help my BF get off when she's just trying to make a living.

I'm not sure what to think, or where to draw the line.

There. That's my confession.

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  • Exactly like the first commenter said, men are weird. We all learn that at some point. After that, it becomes an issue of, "Is he PERVERTED?" -- That said, I wouldn't read a whole lot into this situation...unless your boyfriend starts talking about having s** with the housekeeper or something. While I would personally just tell him to cool it (REALLY -- just tell him what you've told us if it bothers you!), I doubt his infatuation over this whole thing is necessarily a "bad sign." Like I said, men are weird. My husband has random things that turn him on for no apparent reason, too. They all do.

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