My brothers ex

So they broke up a while ago, after having been together 10 years, or some such rediculous amount of time. there was talk of buying a house, getting married, kids, the entire shabang. mostly in the last year or two of the relationship, but there it is. pretty serious s***.

anyway, they broke up. she was not interesting anymore apparently. my brother had cheated on her a number of times with a number of other girls. as for her, I know she messed around once or twice during their time together.

so now there is this hot blonde who i've known for 10 years living a short drive away from me. well, she's still my friend, brother and her together or not. whatever happened between them is between them if you ask me.

so I was at her new place with a couple of my cousins one night (she obviously knows most of my family by now) and I was the last one to leave.

we got talking about random stupid things of course, but eventually it got onto the subject I knew it would. my brother, his new gf, etc.

Now I've got nothing against his new gf, in fact I think she's fantastic. wonderful girl in every aspect i've come to know of her. so when I tell you that I still can't for the life of me figure out why he dumped this hot blonde.. i just don't know.

so im explaining all this too her, how I don't get why he'd have ever wanted to dump her, how I don't think his new gf is as hot, etc. and then I got pretty vocal about how the new gf doesn't have nice big t*** or a juicy ass like she does and how I miss feeling her up from time to time under the disguise of drunkenness. this seemed to tickle her fancey in the propper way as she then decided to tell me she liked how my brother would get drunk and tell me to feel her up, ie, not just because it was funny but because she liked it.

so I told her I wanted to have her nice big t*** in my hands again and that id love to take her upstairs to her bedroom and f*** her like i've wanted too since the first day I met her. she asked me if I'd still want to if she told my brother about it. I said I didn't give a f*** what she told anyone, I just wanted to f*** her so bad.

so we went upstairs and I got my hands all over her big round t*** and burried my c*** in her p**** all night. let me tell you, after knowing this girl for 10 years, I just didn't want to stop. I had her wear all her sexy clothes for me so i could take them off her, I got to f*** her in her bikinis and mini skirts, I got to tell her all the dirty things that i'd ever thought about her all those years. I think every last bit of it turned her on more and more and she certainly loved the way I told her how sexy she is, over and over.

that was a month or so ago, and I've been to her place almost daily to kiss her juicy ass and eat her out before I f*** her silly once more. I don't want to stop either. to h*** with what anyone every finds out or knows. if my brother dumped her and moved on after everything he did to her and I finally have her like I always wanted, good. she loves knowing how much i've fantasized and wanted her for so long, and how I like to trash talk my brother and his new gf when im f****** her. its so evil and hot and I can't get enough of it.

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