What bad timing

Okay in the last month I've been busted jerking off mega badly, and its only 16 days into the month! And its been a million times worst than mom walking in on you. Last week after gym class. It was last period of the day, so as soon as you get changed its home time, so everyone changes like superman to get to leave school early. Me & my three best friends were s******* around in the change room, & next thing we know everyones left already. We were messing about in the showers when next thing we hear is this yelling voice of our gym teacher telling us to hurry up. He stormed in so quickly he didn't realise that we're all jerking off in the showers, The four of us stood frozen & he finally notices what we've been doing & storms out. We walk out he's waiting & says this is between us only but if it happens again he'll tell the principle & our parents. On the walk home we all think if we got changed quick like everyone else, we'd be down by the creek all wanking in peace. Guess you live & learn.

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