So stupid.

I attended a company christmas party with my husband last night and s*** got real, My best friend is dating my husbands co-worker, Well probably not any more but they got in a scrap at the party and he left, She came back to our place and we all went donstairs since....Here is the worst part, My mom was at our house watching he kids, There was a litle bit of moly being passed around and I hadn't done it since college but remembered it quite enhanced this and that. the fight started between my best friend and her boyfriend because she took some too and he freaked.
So we are all downstairs and digging around in the bar for drinks, Me and her start kissing and then my husband is involved and next thing I know I am sitting on the bar, She is bent over going down on me (No neither of us had been with a girl before) and he is doing her from behind (No we have never had another girl join before), We moved to the couch and I was on bottom, She was on top in a 69 and he was doing her, then he was doing me and then we rolled on the floor and on and on it went.
It ended in me laying face down on a big fuzzy blanket, Like 3rd or 4th O and she was on her back beside me, Legs up and she says she had just had her 3rd, My husband was on number 3 and having trouble getting the last one off so I joined and finally managed to finish him whith him straddling her her chest and I don't know how he still was able to shoot it up to her face but she is holding her hands up to block it, I am jerking him and all of a sudden I hear "Seriously J*****E, Good lord you're going to wake the kids". My mom is standing right there, Like she could have reached over and slapped my husband on the head.
I am in shock, 38 years old and my mom is standing there giving us s*** as I hold my husbands d*** after jerking him off on my friends face, Fuuuuuck, She storms back up the stairs and we all get cleaned up, We go to our room, My friend catches a cab and I go to the spare room, I walk in and my mom looked up from her Ipad and says "I don't...Just don't", I was like I don't even know what to say, My god I am so sorry", She says "J*****E I do not want to talk about it, What you do in your own home is your business but maybe don't do it while I am here".
Not a lot of words were said between the three of us the next morning, Around noon mom went home when she felt we were alive ad sober enough to take care of our own kids, I don't know if I will ever not be embarrassed about this but it is what it is.

Dec 19

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