I lied to you when I said I loved you

I lied to you when I said I loved you, I just wanted to get in your pants. I'm not sorry but you need to learn to relax and committment's not all that it's cracked up to be!

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  • It figures that a woman wrote this confession, because a guy would never feel guilty about something like that. What happened did you get played, and now you hate all men?

  • But she's not straight. I'm sorry. lol

  • yea, I want to f*** the ho too.... she must be hot.

  • Just proves my point that girls are hoe's. Although now I must say i want to f*** the ho who did this. She must be good in bed.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm sorry this confession was a lie. I'm a chick. I just wanted to see the reactions. Why does everyone think that a guy wrote this? Chicks are just as bad... if not worse. Don't think so shallow of guys. Have some faith.

  • i dont agree with the last comment. theyre not bitter hoes. youre just mad bc you are exactly like the guy who made the confession. if anything, youre a player.

  • These bitter hos above me need to shut up. Don't hate the player hate the game. If you dumb hos would put out nobody would have to lie.

  • I pray to God you never find happiness.

  • It's not so much the casual s** that makes you a terrible person, it's the lying. If you have to lie to get into someone's pants, you are a supreme dog, not to mention pathetic.

  • You're a j***. If ever you fall for a woman and she puts you through h*** and refuses to trust you even though you don't give her a reason not to, know that it's because somewhere along the line she dated an a****** like you, and you deserve it.

    Guys like you give all men a bad name.

  • You make me wonder if I ever dated you now.

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