Emontionally Exhausted

I'm a 50 year old man that married a woman 6 years ago. She had recently divorced and had shared cust. of her then 6 year old son & 4 year old daughter. People would say "Why did you marry her if she had two kids that you did not want to raise?", how was I to know that he would grow into a pathalogical lyer, a bully, and the lazyiest j*** I have ever known.

For years I was up at 5:30 A.M to take him to hockey, swimming lessions, soccer, ball hockey. I helped him with school projects, washed his clothes and gave him gifts. He is now almost 15 and I can't stand him. He has been so selfish, argumentative, combatent and disrespectful that I can say that being in his presence make me angry. His mother (my wife) is to blame. She has applied many rules over the years none of which lasted more that a week. Guess what he learned from that. Complain enough...be a p**** enough, and she will give in. This situation has developed and worsened over the years to the point I do not know wether to leave, or pray that his selfish mahipulative father takes him (he will not). I love my wife however I am so depressed...we have a young child of our own now an I do not want a divorce. Sometimes I think she is still breast feeding the spoiled brat. The summer is here and he sleeps until noon then sits on the computer untill 10 P.M. He is flunking school and puts no effort at all into my perspective when I try to share things with him. I know he hates me to. My wife still wants me to be a slave to him and I have started refusing. If he wants to do things she can go out of her way to help him...when I am forced to I only dislike him more.

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  • Yup 50 years old .. Needed younger p**** ..and paid the price.. Thanks for taking care of my son pops ... Ha ha ha ha ..sucker!

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