A punk wants my sister

Hi,Im a 22 year old male and I work with my older sister of age 24.Shes pretty and really cool girl.She could have any guy she wanted.Me and her work in this same house and occasionally this young guy in a pick up of age 16 or 17 named (unofficially) James stops by weekly to drop off a check for his parents.Hes a cocky southern punk who talks to me how he gets into fights and is dating two girls right now.Yeah right.Well ever since he showed up hes always had the hots for my sister asking her out and just plain hitting on her.All the while he talks to me about his love triangle.Well my sister wants nothing to do with him and that's all fine and dandy but....I have a secret desire.I kinda fantasize about this young punk taking my smart independent sister and just making her his girl.Making her wear sexy outfits and making her scream his name as he f**** her in his pick up.Even in some cases where he knocks her up.Its just fantasy to pleasure myself to sure but this has kept me from just telling him to shut up and leave my sister alone.Hes asked me before what he has to do to get my sister I just ignore it.I like it for some reason.Should I do anything?

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  • Incest...

  • Incest is wincest.

  • Mmm incest

  • You fantasize about your sister f****** a guy you don't like ?

    You have issues man.

  • You say this guy is a complete d*** and yet you want him to date her. What a brother you are! Treat your sister like s*** and maybe she will find out what kind of brother you are.

  • F*** I'll take her off your hands I may be 36 but if your lookin to give your sister too a j****** I'll give her slutty clothes and a d*** to suck.No promise I'll be loyal but Ill knock that b**** up so she has to stay with me.

  • Just introduce your sister to me.I will treat her good,give her much love and as many kids as you and her would like.I would buy her nice clothes and things and treat her good. I am not in any love triangles so you would not have to worry about that.Is she into older black men?

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