I just feel so lost. i have nothing and no one. i want to kill myself but idk why i cant. i dont know whats holding me back. i just wanna die. i feel so alone and useless. i feel so unknown, im just scared if i kill myself people will just call me selfish and if i survive the suicide they'll just stay away from me because im suicidal. i honestly dont know what to do with my life anymore

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  • I was searching through confessions and I clicked on this one because it reminded me of me. I would have already committed suicide, had I not had that one person who I truly cared about. I have gotten to the point where it doesn't matter if they care about me. It only matters if I care about them. If there is a person you would do anything for, give your life for, then they are the one anchoring you here and not letting you die. Hold on to them, because right now, they are all you've got.

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