Im sorry i should have listened.

I went on a trip with 2 friends this summer to slovakia, my friends and I got drunk in a local bar. I had been offered a ride back to. My room by a man I was so out of it I agreed. Now I have awaken in a dark damp basement. I am nude feet shackled sitting on the floor. All that was on the screen is this confess website. If anybody can help me please I am not sure where my friends are I am hungry and cold my name is ashley I am 18 yrs old. Please..somebody..anybody.

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  • Yeh you should have but that won't fix anything you just saying sorry. we need things you gave to others and you wonder why we don't like you anymore. have a look around you boywonder. harry whorehead. I don't even think you know what I want so don't even try to make out you know. I just want a quiet good life, I would rather marry and have a child and graduate and not all in that order but whatever order i felt comfortable in and you look what you did to me. you didn't listen to a thing over the last 30 years. you didn't know that I wanted a husband and I didn't have time for fools like rick or ken and russ. so what did you think i wanted or needed you idiots? I can have my very own prince like all women do. it dont have to be you and your family. i just wanted a income and a house and friends and good body and health and proud to work and earn and keep a house like most women want. why couldn't you see that. what were you trying to create for me? and why at 33 did you get everyone to walk out on me? hey? why? go get fat on that. go have your niggar dog w**** who has been married a dozen times and go have your side line whores and go have the exact same marriage your mother had because you will and you and your brother were always ment to be just like her. so go play that role for the world and enjoy the silence. why you left most white women of childbearing age and career age, out there with nothing!

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