That i am in debt
that i owe money
that i am low on food stamps
that i am homeless
i went to sleep on a park bench
and can't get rid of that homeless look, smell, or sound
that i barely can clothe myself
woe is with me

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  • You have to lose everything before you can fully appreciate anything. I was homeless for a month and a half...did it on purpose btw! Had the time of my life and it changed my life. Try going to festivals. Like the rainbow family of living light gatherings. They are all over the country:)

  • News flash, if you knew you'd be able to go back to your regular life you weren't actually homeless, you were a bored little trustifarian having an "experience." Moron!

  • Now now, let the little middle-class social warrior feel all validated and knowledgeable. That's more important to them than air... or logic... or reality.

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