Every time

Whenever i am out in my car and i see a homeless person out begging for $ on a corner or the side of the street i always flip them off

Jan 24, 2017

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  • You should flash them instead. It would make both your days.

  • I wonder how God feels about you doing that.

  • When I was younger, and I would see them while I was in my car, I used to swerve at them to make them think I was going to run their ass over and make them jump. Of course, I always pulled back into my lane, but not until after I made them s*** their pants.......I laughed when I saw them realize I was coming right at them. LOL!

  • I own my own business and always hand out my business card to them and say, "Hey, I'm hiring. Call me and I can put you to work." How many times have I been contacted? Zero.

  • Kind of like offering them food or a bottle of water, they don't want it. Just money for booze or drugs. I make them suck my t*** before I give them a dime.

  • Maybe, some homeless individuals have no money and access to a phone, you never know.

  • Real nice, hope you don't have to be in their shoes someday!

  • I agree.

    We're all human beings, regardless of what situation we're in. To be mistreated like this, because the person is living on the streets and down on their luck, is unforgiveable. There's no excuse.

  • Why?

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