My ex wife.

I haven't gone out a lot since divorcing my ex, The other night I was invited to go out however and it was fun, Until....I was invited to an after party and went, Me and this girl went to this party she knew about and it was all going well until in walked one my ex's friends, My ex has kind of aquired some new friends since we split and they are not great people in my opinion and have led her down a path I would have not expected her to go down.
Anyway she looks at me, I look at her and I instantly new something was up, Then the girl I had gone there with comes back from the bathroom and whispers to me "Wanna see some s***?", I am like "Uuuhhh...I guess", She leads me through the kitchen and my ex's friend looks at me with this look that I was like WTF is happening. We round the corner and there are two guys and a girl standing in the doorway to a room, We walk up and you can hear whatever, I am tall so I just lean over the girl and WTF!!!!!!!
My heart sank a little, There is my ex on the floor, Legs spread, One dude pounding her and the other straddling her face slapping her with his d!ck and shes going full wh0re suckin his b**** and his d!ck. There was no mistaking that it was her, She has a very distiguishable arm sleeve tat and great big floppy t!ts (Honestly she is hot with a great body). I'm like wow, What the fu@k happened to you and was gonna walk away and then the guy on her face blows his load and I couldn't look away, Mouth open, tongue out and this guy is coming on her face, the other dude pulled out and before the other guy was even done he topped her off, On her t!ts, On her face and I was done, I turned and walked away.
I grabbed my coat and left and drove past her house because she was supposed to be at home with the kids and dropping them off at my place at 7:30 the next morning, Thankfully her mom's car was there so she did leave them in good hands. Next morning she is late (Hmmm, Wonder why) but when she did show up she comes in, We have been...Discussing getting back together for the kids sake. I said "Hi, How are you?", She said "Good", I said "Everything ok, You look tired?", She just giggled and said "Oh, Yeah, My mom watched the kids last night and I went to a friends to play cards and ended up staying up too late", I nodded disapprovingly and she rolled her eyes and said "Whatever".
I said "Oh hey...Who's the blonde girl you've been hanging with?...the crack head?", She squinted at me and said "F off, She not a crack head a$$hole", I said "What's her name?' and she said "Avery?", I said "Yeah, yeah, that's the one, Talk to her lately?", She said "Yeah, She was with me last night but left early...Why?". I said "Oh, Just wondering if she mentioned that I came to your...Card game last night after the bar", Oh man, the look on her face said it all, She said "Excuse me?", I smiled and nodded, She stood there staring at me and then said "I didn't see you there" and I said "Nahhh, I left shortly after your...Grand finale".
She started to shake, My ex is a strong, Outspoken, Woman who is always the Alpha female in any group and has always been a rock, but she started shaking and tearing up, She said "Huh?", I smiled and nodded and said "yeeeaaahh...uhhhh, I don't even know what to say", She swallowed and looked up at the ceiling and the tears were right there, Just about to fall and then she said "I'll see you friday" and left. She texted me later and said "Can I come talk to you", I said "Uh, No", She said "I really need to talk to you", I said "I don't think we need to talk" and she has been texting me all day trying to come over.
Honestly I don't care what she wants to talk about and right now I am kinda enjoying the fact that she is the one on the wrong side of the fence for a change since every time I made any little f*** up since we split she is sure to bring it up and drag it out. I told her "Maybe in a couple days, I am just kinda grossed out right now", I instantly kinda regreted hitting send but it was too late and she said "Don't say that", I quit texting her after that and she kept texting saying "Answer me please", "Don't ignore me", "Talk to me about this". Maybe in a few days I will but not right now.

Nov 2, 2020

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  • Shes your ex now, let her go, dont look back. Take the red pill.

  • One time a friend of mine sent me a video of my ex and some girl I had no idea who it was making out in a hot tub at a party, 40 f****** years old and she is out making out with girls in a hot tub, I have no proof but I suspect he may have nailed her that night.

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