Is it bad?..

I fell in love. with a guy on an online video game.. we talk all hours of the day.. and i was told he loves me as a sister..

Jul 28, 2011

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  • he might be married

    he might not want to have the comitment that comes with dealing with people in real life

    with a game he can log off and turn off vent or teamspeak and youre gone , in real life , youre inhis house , bed , inhi s way ,, youll think he is a bum for spendig alld ay everyday online in his pile of filth he calls home ...

    could be a lot of things

    I have had a few girls kinda fall for me , ( yeah unlikely but its true , aussie accent seems to get american chicks in ) I tell them I like them as a sister , saves the emotional romatic stuff .

    besides my wife would be really pised if another girl left her husband to come see me here ... it was funny once , twice .. yeah I dotn think shed be impressed .

  • You win some, lose some. And sometimes it's better being friends than lovers. Of course, there's the chance he would like you as more than a sister if you tested the waters. He could just be saying that because he can't believe you'd like him romantically, or he could have some other reason that could change if he found out your feelings. Worst that could happen is nothing, and there are many other fish in the sea, as the old saying goes.

  • That's because he's a fat, 50-something loser who knows you'll recoil in horror if you ever find out the truth.

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