Stalked / followed my wife

SO my wife travels a lot for work and takes assignments typically 3 months from place to place and stays at hotels from time to time. Well on one of her earlier assignments she booked a hotel which had fairly cheap rates as we were short on cash. She came home after the first weekend and we had a few drinks one night and she was talking about the hotel party she saw, she said she thought it was a wedding party because everyone was pretty much dressed up but she saw couples kissing in the halls and then they would start making out with the partners form other parties. She admitted it confused her which it would me too. Then 2 weeks later she said she saw the same thing. Well I did research and learned that it was a frequent hotel for swingers parties, they hosted one every other weekend. So the next weekend my wife stayed at another hotel which was more money. Well then the next weekend her schedule was different Thurs, Fri and Sun all night shifts which was not her typical. Also because of availability she had to change hotels during the weekend. So she spent the week preparing to work nights by staying up late and sleeping days. That weekend came and went she never commented but she acted a little different after, I dont exactly think more secretive but instead of asking me to hep book the hotel she did it all herself. I thought nothing of it then I saw her packing for the next trip and saw she was packing an extra set of clothes and instead of flannel pj's she packed a nighty which was full length but a lighter sexier fabric which she barely wore. I asked and she said the hotel rooms have been hotter lately, and she told me they changed her schedule this week again to thursday, friday, and sunday and that it would be that way for the rest of the assignment. At this point something kind of clicked and seemed a little off. This weekend I called on her sat night off and she didnt answer the phone but rather would reply in texts said something was wrong with her phone and she couldnt answer and woudl stop by the store in the morning to get it fixed. Now the excuses are having me thinking whats going on and is she going to the parties? At this point I thought she was staying at the other hotel and not the one with the parties, but little did I know the weekend she split hotels she stayed at the ** hotel. I decided the next weekend I would follow her, I knew where she was working so I decided to drive down about an hour behind drive past both hotels, I had a free rental coming so I cashed it in and used that as to not be caught. I cruised past and sure enough her car was at the ** hotel. The following weekend was her split hotel so I devised a plan to rent another car and drive down on Saturday and more or less see what I could see. About 5 pm she left went to the liquor store and picked up some alcohol, then back to her room. Then about 20 minutes later she left to pick up carryout at applebees and was kind of dressed up make up and all. Once back to her hotel I couldnt see a lot just that she parked at the end and went inside and down the hall. I started seeing people arrive and from teh end saw the indoor pool / lounge area was filling up and being set up with tables and things. I moved to the other side of the block where I could see the pool area better and sure enough I saw my wife join the party. about 8pm I get a text form my wife saying "Tired and headache going to bed talk to you tomorrow." There was a lot for drinking and dancing and things like that and about 1030 or so I could see at a distance what looked like her and a group of 4 or 5 other people leave the pool area and down the hall and saw through the exit door that she was walking down the first floor hall still, then I see a light in a room turn on, the thick curtain was open a little but the sheer curtain was closed so I could see figures of people and some colors though but not clearly. The lights were on and I could see what appeared to me my wife kissing 2 of the other figures in the room. One appeared to be female the other appeared to be male and there was at least one other couple in the room also kissing. Then the figure which appeared to be my wife disappeared as though crouched down. I sent her a quick text then called which rang 4 times then vocemail, I saw the figure stand and move around to the dresser area then turn back around to the kneeling position again and I tried calling again, this time no ring just voicemail. I tried it again and same thing. Pretty soon the figure stood and one of the other figures starked kissing her again and taking off her top, I decided to move around the block to make sure it was her. I pulled in and decided park night in front of the window backed in only now about 40 feet away. As I pulled in I realized that there was another woman in front of the window looking out so trying not to make it conspicuous I backed in and made my way from the car like I was going into the hotel and I knew I was locked out. The woman was ** looking through the sheer curtain looking out as a man behind her was touching her. After a bit out of site I returned to the car and walked past the window I could see it was fo rsure my wife on the bed with 2 other men and the other woman was there too. All 4 were obviously in the throws of passion and I had a waive of emotions come over me. Jealousy anger fear and illness as well as horniness and desire to see, kind of like a bad accident you know you dont want to see it but you cant look away. I ended up throwing up but sat and watched for an hour as my wife was touching and being touched by as many as 3 other guys and for sure one other woman possibly 2.
I wanted to confront and ask her about it but I was too terrified, this happened a year ago and I think about it every time we are intimate but I cannot bring myself to tell her I spied on her. for those wondering she extended her 12 weeks by another 4 weeks then her contract was cancelled and they didnt need her anymore. She moved on to another assignment and there has been no suspicious activity since.

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  • Divorce her. You deserve a loyal woman who won't make you puke.

  • I actually encourage my wife to find herself a hookup while she travels. It always make for a hot return home and some steamy ** of our own while she shares the dirty little details.

  • Wtf dude?! She could give you all sorts of diseases. Confront her but tell her how you know.

  • My wife had to travel to Germany for training in her job . She often commented to me how much ** went on at the school she had to go to for training. She was gone for 2 weeks and when she returned she was a different woman, very hot in bed , many more sexual positions in bed, dirty talk and many more clues that she must have screwed her brains out. She never told me what happened at the school but like I said she was a different woman.

  • Seems to be a common things with wives that travel, mine works for a company in outside sales so she is gone days at a time. I am reasonably sure she has contacts that she messes around with.
    No point in talking about it, she will just lie, but when I find her ** in the wash that are stained and I didn't stain them I know.
    My response?
    I went and found my own FWB, good for the Goose and all of that.

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