Catholic Girl

I am not really sure what the female equivalent of (I hate this phrase) 'j**********' is but I do it... Quite a bit. Problem: I'm a Catholic and I feel horrible. Any thoughts???

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  • You're problem isn't your sexuality or desires. Your problem is Catholicism. It is a disease and you are a carrier and will infect your children with it unless your cure yourself. One of its symptoms is guilt of committing a 'sin'. Since the only one who cares about your 'sins' is an entity that does not exist, your guilt is wasted.

  • To quote a song, "Catholic girls start much too late."|

  • It's natural and beautiful. Not horrible. You are designed by nature to need and enjoy s**. Don't put an unnatural guilt on yourself. Just enjoy your safe sexuality. It's a healthy release. Unhealthy is viewing it as wrong or, worse, calling it dirty. And the way you are enjoying yourself you have no pregnancy or STD worries.

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