Im 16 years old and, basically, I

Im 16 years old and, basically, I really like this guy and want a relationship with him.. but there are quite a few problems.

1) He says he doesnt do relationships - her says hes had too many bad experiences and cant be asked to have to deal with the problems of dating.

2) Even though weve spent quite a while making out on several different occasions - before making out he acts like a mate and then after he acts all boyfriendy until he leaves.

3)All of my mates dislike him, they say hes a prat who would be bad for me... but I like him and think he funny and cute even if he can be a bit stubborn at times.

Im sure there are some other problems but those are the main ones, its really getting me down and sometimes all I can think about is him. My bestmate says I should just go and meet someone new and get over him, but I dont think itll be that easy :(

Any advice on what to do?

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  • Try he needs to grow up. He is still a little boy. Not worth your time. You have more important things to be worried about then some stupid boy.


  • he doesn't really care about you. He's selfish and using you as a no-strings friend-with-benefits. Doesn't do relationships at 16? It just means he wants the freedom to f*** around and not be tied down to you.

  • well the first person who commented is very very right.

    i know how you feel though when you say it may be hard to find someone else. i've been in a similar situation.
    you really should try to talk to him about why he can't be in a relationship. if he can talk to you about it, he might be able to see tha tyou care and it might help your situartion a lot.

    honestly right now it just seems like he doesn't care enough about you which really is a shame because then he'd be using you which is terrible. he sounds concieted but maybe im getting the wrong impression.. just try to figure him out. don't jump into it either.

  • That many bad relationships at 16? he sure acts like it guarding his intimacy.
    Do you actually have a relationship? How many things in a week do you do together? Do you find you think about him the minute you wake up?

    Then again, why did his last few relationships fail? Maybe for a reason? Will he talk about them? If he won't ever talk about them, I'd perhaps find a new guy. If he's not willing to find out how relationships are supposed to be, and not just 'his way', you can do better out there.

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