Age does matter.. sadly :'(

I like this guy. and he likes me too. only problem is hes 6 years older than me. he told me he likes me. i havent told him i like him yet because of the age difference. once, he asked me on fb (those "like my status and ill answer etc.") "would i go out with you" and i didnt say no. i didnt say yes either. all i said was hes 6 years older than me. then he sent me a long message telling me that age doesnt matter. that he has a coworker who is dating someone 9 years older than her. i really really like him. but the only thing thats stopping us is the stupid age difference. i think about him all the time and im sure he likes me too because i took his phone once(w/o him knowing) and i saw that my picture is his wallpaper(until now). he doesnt know that i know about the picture.

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  • The age gap only matters when one person isn't an adult. As a general rule, once you're past say 25 or so that's pretty much who you are going to be for the rest of your life (speaking of mental maturity). So, after that, age gaps don't matter that much if you have the same interests. If the younger one of the couple is under 25 then it depends on their maturity. If the younger is a teen (under 18) and the older one is in their 20s then it would be a good idea to not date. If he keeps pushing you then he doesn't respect your boundaries and that means he is no good.

  • I would generally tell someone that they should never ignore their feelings about another person, pretty much regardless of what the source of the problem is, be it real or imagined. But you truly should NOT allow your feelings to be dictated -- or even influenced -- by something as arbitrary as age. Consider your real feelings about this person, or anyone else you encounter, about their character, and about how they treat you, and stop fretting over numbers.

  • If a guy asks you to go out with him, and you tell him that he's six years older than you, that means, (to most men) "no, I won't go out with you". The age difference matters to you, and that's not a bad thing. That just means that you're not comfortable going out with someone older. Have some respect for the guy though. Tell him you're not comfortable with the age difference in a respectful, gentle way.

  • I think the issue here is not your age, it's your maturity... But having said that, how old are you? You sound like a teenager.

    Six years is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Less than nothing. Age can make things challenging when it's a big gap- 10, 15, 25 years- but ultimately it doesn't matter. And yes, I'm speaking from experience.

    If you like the guy, then go for it... But I'm thinking you might have trouble because you don't seem ready to be with someone older and more mature than you.

  • If you're of legal age (depends on where you live), age does not matter. And in particular, six years does not matter. If you're not of legal age, the question you're asking is too serious to be taken seriously: you should only be thinking of how much fun you can have. Take the math out of your relationships and leave it in school, which is the only place it should ever appear anyway. And while you're at it? Lighten the f*** up.

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