I feel awful

Throughout my life I have sinned a lot. I have told countless lies that hurt a lot of people including my parents. I've also experienced l*** and i've cheated. I haven't honored my parents either. I feel awful for committing these sins and I would like to just clear my conscience and start again. I've recently just started praying and reading the bible and i want to be more committed to God. I just feel like God won't forgive me and that i'm going to h***. How can i make up for my sins?

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  • You're already forgiven. Now, you must forgive yourself, and see yourself worthy of not carrying this baggage and pain with you. God doesn't send anyone to h***. That's a huge misconception. If we have a negative fate, it's ourselves who make the choice. Free will wouldn't be free will if it were God punishing. But we can choose to be by our actions. One of which is where we hold onto the guilt, anger and depression, and don't see ourselves worthy of being forgiven, so we don't forgive ourselves.

    Ask yourself this. If a perfectly divine being can see you as better than your actions, and has forgiven you, can you as an imperfect being see yourself as God sees you, and forgive yourself? Can you decide to release yourself of this guilt and begin fresh. Here's what I want you to remember. The only valid time is now. The past is an illusion, so is the future. They literally don't exist. Einstein had proven this to be true, and the Bible even touches on it as well. Therefore, NOW is all that exists. Can you choose who you will be now? How you will feel now? To live guilt free now? To love with all your heart in everything you do, now? Of course. You have power over that truth.

    Come back to God's truth. Drop the Illusions you carry with you that you have replaced truth with. God loves you... have enough love for yourself to begin now, and be who you were born to be, in love and Christ.

  • A few months ago I went to a teen retreat, and the pastor there told us some stories from when he was little. Many of them were times that he did the wrong thing, yet that didn't mean he couldn't change. He ended up as a minister. Regardless, he also read us a passage from the bible. In all honesty I forget the book but the message is something I hold. It's the story where a "w****" is brought to Jesus by a group of men whom think they are worthy and sinless, deserving to be apostles. They rat her out and tell Jesus all of her transgressions. In the middle of this he sits down, and starts drawing in the sand. The men stop, and ask what He was doing. Jesus didn't respond, so the men finally asked if they should stone her. He responded "You may, but he who has never sinned may throw the first stone." With this he walked away and left the woman with the men.

    Some time later Jesus returned to the woman and asked what happened. The woman explained that as soon as Jesus left, the men left as well. With that He asked "Do you forgive them for their transgressions?" She hesitated, and responded "Yes." Jesus responded saying she was forgiven as well. He turned to leave, and as he walked away he said "Go. Leave your life of sin."

    All can be forgiven as long as they accept God's love. Look up the story when you get the chance.

  • Those guilty feeling are just the devils way of keeping you from God. In all things turn to God and keep turning to him because he does love you and will forgive you. Read the story of David he sined but kept turning back to God and god had favor on him.

  • you can not change the past but you always have the opportunity to change the future...go forth and sin no more

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