I am a psychic vampire.

I am psychic. I am also part vampire. I am an extremely amauture psychic. I make weird predictions, good guesses, and I have strange dreams. About a week ago, I dreamed that I hung myself with a rope, and today, I found the rope! And about me being a vampire, just let me tell you that I DO NOT SPARKLE. That is one of the stupidest concepts I have ever heard. I have fangs, for one thing, I am also nocturnal, I can bite amazingly hard, and I enjoy the taste of blood. A lot. Also I do things that amaze my friends. Also I don't sunburn! I just want to know people's thoughts on this. I don't expect anyone to believe me, but it's true.

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  • OMG you don't sunburn that so amazing (Sarcasm) because anyone and everyone knows that vampires burn in the light so you should sun burn and if you don't that makes you less vampire humans are omnivores we eat meat we all bite hard and we all have fangs some sharper then others.
    As for your "powers" that amaze friends i think you and your friends are all pretty thick having a good guess is easy because it's called a GUESS
    And please a rope is an everyday thing, Sweets you are delusional don't tell people this is you want to have friends
    BTW our gut and stomach are not made to process large amounts of raw blood so unless you wanna make yourself very sick i suggest you stop being a delusional creep.

  • U claim to be a psychic vampire and yet you clearly state that you drink blood making you a hemophage. seriously u are f****** dumb

  • Psalm 34:21-22 "Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.
    The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate."

  • No one cares!!!

  • Shut the f*** up

  • For all you ignorant a*******. A psychic vampire is no sparkly vampire. It is a type of person that feeds off the energies of people. Yes we do have energies that are around us. Ever wonder how a wild animal can tell youre scared? Its because of youre energy.

    Iv met quite a few in my life. They can be good and help take away bad energy and make someone better or they can be not so good and become almost leech like. I know there are christians reading this. Youre religion is a blind one. Theres so much more to this world then you will accept. Prove to me that they dont exist....oh you cant...well i can.

  • Um ignorant ass hole the "Energies that surround us" one is called in proper terms is called an aura and two your a wad because animals can tell we're scared because your skin releases a pheromone or a smelly chemical for you dumb ones reading this that allows them to sense our fear and another big thing called body language i don't know who you're calling an ignorant ass hole because it's vain to talk about yourself

  • YES!!!!!

  • lol dont hate on twilight, but sounds cool, u should guess something about me

  • Hey i am looking for people like me all the time.. as if were some kind of overpowerd humans or so.. im german so excuse my writing.. but.. i dont belive im a vampire but i have very good guesses too and dreams that relate to things that happen the next few days and in compatiotions.. i beat all my friend and i do not train or so.. pretty crap i write.. but if youre like me.. youll understand..

    Mack, 16

  • Hey I read about those! Psychic vampires I mean. But you should read up on this stuff (although you probably already have) I recommend the book. Vampires In Their Own Words by Michelle Belanger. It's got lots of stories told by other psychic vampires (although most of them prefer the term vampyr) Good luck and only drink from the willing!

  • So am I. But I sparkle & my only problem right now is that dumb ass Jacob trying to take my sweet Bella.

  • I know a guy who laughs at guys like you, he make jokes of you, he says "Q: Why doesn't anyone like Count Dracula?
    A: He's a pain in the neck. " And I agree.

  • Ok, dickface. You can expect a visit from me in my bad bat self the next full moon. And don't thank that garlic s*** or those stupid crosses will save you. That's Hollywood bullshit. Be very afraid. hee, hee.

  • Did you seriously just use that as a comeback oh you have a sad life

  • Lay off the twilight!

  • One more comment like that p*** face and you'll be dancing with the Devil.

  • Oh dude you need help you really need to put down the vampire diaries and go outside and get sun burnt or go find some rope for your dreams

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