I want a baby with a white woman

I am a sane educated black guy in my 40s.I have dated all sorts of women over the years.I have healthy kids with a black woman.

Once in a while,I get this intense urge to have a baby with a white woman;especially a successful one who can raise the kid without much problem.I am not sure why I have such a wish...it drives me crazy sometimes.

Last year,a woman I knew years ago asked me to give her a baby.I chickened out because I could not trust her as much as I used to years back and she had been diagnosed with some debilitating health issue.That chance was gone and we have since lost contact after I moved.

I am thinking of becoming a sperm donor and stating that my sperms be inserted in desiring white women only.I'm not sure how possible that is but,it may prevent me from being stuck with child support and any drama.The sad part is that I will not be able to see the kid and the kid's mom.

An ideal situation would be getting with a white woman,having s** and getting her pregnant,with the understanding that she will be the more responsible parent.

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  • Oh please! All black men don't have big d****, that's a myth! And I'm a black woman. As for you "mr. sane, educated black man" sounds to me like you need to feel validated and proven because you seemed to have missed that from your "black momma" and unfortunately, you believe a white woman is your ticket to having that. To me, you're just another simple, pathetic man, period and you need to be counseled.

  • Go to one of those cuckold websites. Guys there are always wanting someone to get their wife's pregnant, and blacks guys are in demand due to their legendary d**** and sexual prowess.

  • I am the original poster and am not a female..wanna take my pants off and look to be sure?Do you think any man who desires to have a baby with a white girl is a pig?

  • Your a pig, and also a female original poster.

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