Why the f@#$%^^ do i like you?!?

I dont get it, his such a j***! A total player, and half the time a total idiot! his not even that attractive! yet no matter what sense theyre is i am head over heels!
He is a year older then me and ever since the first time i met him i liked him. I had a crush on this other guy but he was intriguing. And i liked his attention for some reason. About seven months ago he came to my house, we hadnt talked in ages and it was a total fluke. But that day, i couldnt help but realise just how much he affected me. Ive never felt this stupid connection with any one.
Of course, feelings are not mutual. figures right. Ever since ive had i guess a 'crush' there was a tim i sort o forgot it, bu then it came back just as hard. I tell myself his a d***, and bad for me, and i dont have to be convincing because its in everything he does. Im not reckless person and do not believe in love. I think the word is over used and has since lost its meaning.
I thought mabe it was just an excuse because i hadnt taken interest in anyone else, but i was looking through some photos of this guy i met and one caugt my eye. I immedietly thought he was hot and gave him a quick look over, only to realise it was him! of all the other hot, descent guys, he always is the one to catch my eye, even subconciously!

We dont talk often, he is always trying to bum me off, and as much as i hate to admit, it hurts me alot. He just got 'another' girlfriend, and she is gorgeous, and perfect. I saw them kiss and ive never felt my heart sink so low. What the h*** is this and how do i overcome it?
im a teenage girl btw. and ive never been in a real relationship.

Aug 7, 2011

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