Love looking up womens skirts

I get high when I get a view of a woman's panties up her skirt. It's like hitting the the jackpot. I only wish more ladies would loosen up and sit with their legs spread enough to give guys a break. It would be like saving the world one guy at a time. In fact I will bet if women all over the world sat with their legs spread wide enough to give guys everywhere a decent view, nobody would fight wars. So, if you are some hot lady reading this, please sit in your skirts, long ones pulled up, with your legs spread and help to save the planet. Thanks in advance, and my special thanks to all the ladies doing this already. Love, Ralph. P.S. Wear sexy black panties too.

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  • Black panties aren't sexy at all, man!

  • I looked up my hot older sister's skirts and robes all the time, as she had a habit of sitting open-legged. She became a teacher, and, her first class was younger, remedial students, so, her habit didn't change. Then, she had high schoolers, lot of boys, who picked up on her long, sexy legs in short skirts, and habit of wearing thong undies and sitting on the desk with her legs straight instead of folded..I have to add, too, that, early in her teaching career, basically right out of college, her skirts were more club than they were school. Short, business-like, but very tight and hot on her body.

    I visited her room one afternoon, and saw it myself; She was in a short, blue skirt, snug to her hips and waist, facing the class while sitting on top of her desk, legs open. The boy's attention was nowhere near on learning material; It was purely on her crotch.. I loved it.

  • That is disgusting, dude.

  • I agree. I have been looking up skirts and hoping to see the ultimate prize, those sweet little panties especially underneath pantyhose.

  • I am a total exhibitionist and love flashing my pierced c***

  • Id love to see

  • I wish i could see up your skirt right now it makes my d*** hard just thinking about it

  • When you look at things fully when a women has a low top shirt line and her upper assets are shown and gets a guy really hot rape is more expected. A see through a skirt is just a look. The guy knows that will be satisfying enough. What gets me really going are women who love showing everything when a small tease no one goes nuts in the complete look.

    In rape they should say did you act in anyway to cause the bad behavior of the guy? They know exactly what they are doing and are just c*** teasers most of the time in a marriage they are ball busters.

  • Dude, shut up

  • I got a good look last Wednesday of a young Lady wearing a White Denim Mini Micro Skirt. She on a Black and White Stripe Pants. When she got out of the Booth she was in, she try to keep from showing it. Now if your going to wear something that short, wouldn't you think that someone is going to look? H***, I sure I'm going to look. What are the Ladies thinking when they put on a Skirt or Dress that comes to the bottom of there ass. That know ones is going to look and if you don't look they thing your gay. Come on give us some credit.

    Also on another view. How any many of the Ladies out there do not wear any Panties? I know my second wife never wore any. Just wondering.

  • I am a 37 year old married mother of 2 and i never wear panties

  • I bet it looks nice up there

  • I go commando always xx

  • Nice and h****

  • Lets compare xx

  • i remember approx 2 yrs back i was in amsterdam on this tour and i was climbing up very narrow steep stairs and in front of me there was these 2 quite sexy and curvy chinese woman and i seen right up their pleated skirts. they were wearing white satin knickers with sheer glossy pantyhose.

    loved it!!

  • Ralph, I never thought what I did would help the cause of world peace, but yes I have intentionally let an occasional guy get a peek up my skirt. But, unlike most girls i am a bit of an exhibitionist and get turned on showing. I have also given a few lucky guys views of my body when I left the blinds open when I undressed.

  • My sincerest thanks and deepest appreciations to the ladies in the comments above who are helping to bring peace to the world by unselfishly giving guys glimpses up their dresses. Now the rest of you b****** get on board!



  • Thanks to you, Ralph. I spread my legs a little while on the bus yesterday morning and made a guy's day who passed by me with his eyes popping out of his head, and, yes, I had black panties on. Just doing my bit for world peace.



  • Are you UK based hope so xx

  • You are a credit to your gender, a princess among women. The Lord will bless you for your unselfish acts of goodwill, and the world is a better place for it.



  • Ralph, I think you should start a petition. You'd probably find millions of guys who would like to help usher in world peace by looking up womens' skirts. Who knows? Maybe the UN would mandate women sitting with their legs open enough to sooth troubled mens' souls and establish peace on earth.

  • I'm with you, Ralph. Getting a clear view up a ladies skirt is like going to heaven. And I like your piece, I mean peace, campaign. If enough ladies would be a little more compassionate and give peace a chance by giving guys better looks up their skirts peace would rule the planets and love would steer the stars, was that from some song? Anyway, Ralph, you get the point. I ride subways to school and only once in awhile a lady gives up a nice up skirt shot. Most are too damn selfish and stingy. What's it gonna take Ralph for these women to see the light and make the world a better place by the small act of spreading their legs just enough to make a guy's day. If I was a babe, I'd see it as my civic duty to share my luscious legs and hot panties with appreciative guys. Why can't they, Ralph?

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