Love looking up womens skirts

I get high when I get a view of a woman's panties up her skirt. It's like hitting the the jackpot. I only wish more ladies would loosen up and sit with their legs spread enough to give guys a break. It would be like saving the world one guy at a time. In fact I will bet if women all over the world sat with their legs spread wide enough to give guys everywhere a decent view, nobody would fight wars. So, if you are some hot lady reading this, please sit in your skirts, long ones pulled up, with your legs spread and help to save the planet. Thanks in advance, and my special thanks to all the ladies doing this already. Love, Ralph. P.S. Wear sexy black panties too.

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  • I have been reading all the posts by Chris and Michael and I want to admit what I did when I was 14.My mom was an alcoholic,she has stopped drinking for a few years now.Mom was very drunk one night and I heard her go to bed from my room,so l waited about half an hour and went into my moms room,i forgot to mention that my dad had left years before. I shook moms shoulder but she didn't wake so I got into bed with and snuggled up with her and she cuddled against me. I had my hand on mom's breast gently squeezing it and I got a h****** so I got my c*** out of my pyjamas and put mom's hand on it and she closed her fingers round it, I managed to pull her nightie down so her t*** popped out and I played with them and sucked on her nipples.Mom still had my c*** in her hand so I put my hand over hers and moved it up and down then I took my hand away and she carried on wanking me,so I took a chance and put my hand up her nightie and into her knickers I got carried away and started fingering my mom.As I fingered mom her hand went faster on my c***. I had never been that hard before so I pulled mom's knickers down and lay on top of her. I. managed to get her legs open pushed forward and my c*** went into her p****. I was in my mother. I started moving back and fro,This was my first time and mom was moaning as I f***** her she was so drunk she didn't wake up and then it happened I started coming. Then I cleaned mom up put her knickers back on and went to bed. In the morning mom never said anything.

  • Wow Chris just read your last three posts,your mom is right you are randy but I bet your mom is loving all the attention her p**** and t*** are getting.I bet she's never been f***** so much or never had so many o******.Keep f****** her Chris

  • When dad came home at about midday I was sitting in an arm chair ,mom was on my lap with her t*** out and her skirt around her waist with the panties moved to one side and my stiff c*** up her p**** as I stroked her c*** and sucked her nipples.As she rode my c*** she said ooh Chris I love having your stiff,throbbing c*** up my p**** and then mom orgasmed as I Spunked inside her.Then we heard dad's key in the door and mom ran to the other room to pull her skirt down and put her t*** away and I had to put my c*** away before dad saw it.Mom came out of the kitchen and hugged dad but smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

  • This is Chris again,in my last post i said that I had put mom's hand round my c*** and she stroked it and made it hard so I put my hand between her legs and fingered her p**** until she was wet then I got between her legs and slipped into her and f***** her slowly in her sleep until she woke up and said god you're randy didn't you get enough of my p**** the first time and I said I want your p**** all the time.Mom held round me as I f***** her and sucked both of her t*** and then mom said I'm going to come and I said so am I and then we came together.Mom cleaned herself up and went down stairs, I went down after and I was still h**** so I stood behind her in the kitchen and put my hand up her skirt and fingered her p****,mom said not again, I said yes again and I knelt down lifted her skirt and ate her p**** out until she orgasmed then I bent her over the sink and f***** her hard until I shot my load in her for the third time this morning.Mom held and kissed me and said thank you I have never had so many o******.

  • This is Chris dad has gone away for the weekend so I am in mom's bed,she is asleep at the moment I got into bed with her about 2 this morning while she was asleep,she had a smali négligé on and panties. I started by slipping her t*** out and gently sucking and kissing them making her nipples stand up,then I slipped my hand into her panties and slowly fingered and stroked her p**** until she was soaking wet and moaning in her sleep. I went under the bedclothes and pulled her panties off spread her legs and licked her p**** and c*******,mom was moaning and saying yes in her sleep and then she woke up as she orgasmed. I moved up her body and she held round me and said what a lovely way to be woken up.Mom put her hand around my c*** and wanked me and then guided it into her p**** and said f*** me Chris ram it up me hard,so I started pumping my moms p**** and sucking and squeezing her t***,mom said f*** me I'm coming Then I got her on her hands and knees and reamed her from behind with my hands on her waist pulling her back onto my c*** with every thrust and she said yes Chris I'm coming again and then I exploded inside her giving her a full load of my cream.Then we slept together,i have put mom's hand around my c*** and she is stroking it in her sleep,mom has made me hard so I am going to have to f*** her again.

  • Michael here my moms name is Judith, she is 41 and 5ft 4 ins, slim with short dark hair and 38 ins t***. This morning at breakfast dad said he was going to play. golf. I was sitting at the table and mom was serving breakfast,dad had his back to us so I slipped my hand up mom's skirt to find out if she had knickers on,she didn't so I stroked her p****. I waved dad off and closed the door, I went back into the kitchen turned mom round kissed her on the lips and lifted her onto the kitchen table opened her blouse and pulled her bra down and fondled and sucked her t*** and then I put my hand up her skirt and fingered her p**** until she orgasmed.Then I lifted her skirt crouched down and licked and fingered her p**** and c***,mom screamed Michael I'm coming and I licked her juice up. Then I stood up and put her legs over my shoulders and slipped my stiff c*** into her and f***** her deep as I was ramming into mom she said Michael f*** my p****,f*** me hard make me come. I let her legs down and sucked and squeezed her t*** and she said yes yes please don't stop oh god I'm coming so much and then I said mom I'm going to flood your p**** and mom said I want to feel your s**** spurt up my p**** and then I shot my load into her.Mom sat up hugged me and said thank you that was an amazing f***.

  • Hi Michael this is Chris I'm f****** my mom as well so I know how good it feels to get in your mom's p**** and that she is always wet for you like my mom is.So you keep f****** her and keep her wet for you,now that your mom is going without panties get your hand up her skirt as much as possible and finger her.all the best Chris.

  • This is Chris I f***** my mom in town this afternoon,we were with my dad shopping,in the shopping centre there is a elevator me and mom were standing behind dad and I was playing with her bum and I could feel that she didn't have any panties on,she had quite a short skirt on so I slipped my hand up it and played with her p****.Then we went into a furniture shop where dad's friend went into the office for a chat so me and mom went up stairs to the second floor,there are no camera's up there and I was in luck it was empty so I grabbed mom and took her to a quiet corner took her jacket off and pressed her against the wall and kissed her as I put my hand up her T-shirt onto her t***,then I lifted it up and sucked them. Then I put my hand up her skirt and into her panties and fingered her p****.Then I said I want you now cz mom said we will have to be quick. I bent her over a cupboard lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down mom parted her legs and I slipped right up her p**** held her round the waist and f***** her.Mom was so wet and I gave it to her full length. Then dad called from downstairs are you coming and mom said yes I'm coming now and she orgasmed and I shouted I'm coming as well and I shot my load up mom's p**** .Then we walked downstairs as if nothing had happened but with my s**** in mom's p****

  • Is it wrong to get a h****** because of my mother. I am 17 and I recently had an accident,i have both hands in bandages so I can't wash or dress myself so mom helps me the thing is mom gets me up in the morning and I always wake up with a b****.But now I look forward to mom getting me up because I know as she pulls my pyjamas down my stiff c*** will be almost in her face and when she washes me my c*** gets stiff and she washes the full length of it.Mom got in the shower with me today,she was in a bikini and I was naked she was crouching down in front of me washing my legs and I could see down her between her t*** and I was so stiff and then she started washing my c***,she was moving her hand up and down it and I shot my load all over her face.she didn't seem to mind because she licked it all up. So I'm thinking of asking her to let me see her naked next time we're in the shower and hopefully she'll let me f*** her. What does everyone think.

  • Your mom must have known what she was doing to you,she must have seen your h****** as she was washing you,your c*** was in her face and when she washed your c*** by moving her hands up and down it she must have been almost wanking you be so you were bound to come so yes ask her to be naked next shower time and see what happens you might be in luck she might let you get between her legs.

  • To the one who said I should go for it with my mom in the shower,it worked. I got the idea after I read your answer,the bandages are coming off tomorrow so I knew it was today or never, I told mom that I needed a shower and she said OK, I asked if she would go naked for the last time, after a bit of persuasion she said that she would go topless,so she helped me undress and put the cover's on my dressings and helped me into the shower and then started to undress.when she took her bra off and her t*** came into view my c*** stood up.Mom got in behind me and started washing me I could feel her t*** against my back,then she turned me round and washed my chest and arms then she crouched down and did my legs, my stiff c*** was inches from her face so I took a chance and pushed forward so that my c*** went against her lips,i was expecting her to scream but all she did was open her mouth and I pushed in and she sucked it,after a couple of minutes she stopped and sat me in a chair in the bathroom,she pushed her bikini bottoms down and straddled me and lowered herself onto my c*** and then she started riding me faster and faster then she shouted ooh god I'm going to come,yes yes I'm coming then I was coming inside my moms p****.she said when the bandages come off we can shower together properly.

  • When your mom says you can shower properly together she means that she wants you to f*** her,so don't miss the chance get inside her as much as possible because your mom is obviously h**** and desperate for a good seeing to

  • To the one who said I should get inside my mom as possible,well she came upstairs to help me get ready for bed and I made sure that I was hard so that when she pulled my shorts down my c*** sprang up and I asked her if she could help me with it and she put it into her mouth and slowly sucked it,my father is away on business so nobody would know. I said mom I need to f*** you,she stood up and bent over my desk, I stood behind her lifted her skirt up and pulled her knickers down she put her hand between her legs and got hold of my c*** and guided it into her,iheld her round the waist and slipped full length into her. I couldn't believe it I was f****** my mother from behind and she was soaking wet and begging me to give it to her as hard as I could then she said yes Michael I'm coming and I said mom I'm going to come and then I was coming in my mom's p**** then she cleaned me up got me into bed and kissed me full on the lips and said thank you for f****** me and for giving me a wonderful o*****.

  • Well done Michael I told you that she was h****,now that you know she won't say no,go for it,get your mom's panties down as much as possible and give her what she needs.

  • To the guy who told me to get my moms knickers down as much as possible. The bandages came off this morning and mom took me, I'm glad dad didn't come with us because I wanted mom to myself.When we got back into the car in the car park I made sure nobody was around then I kissed mom full on the lips and slipped my hand up her skirt and into her knickers and stroked her p**** and said I want you.Mom smiled and said yes,she drove out of the car park and into the countryside still with my hand inside her knickers,mom found a secluded spot off the road and parked then we started snogging and fondling, I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her t*** out of her bra as and sucked her nipples and I had my hand back up her skirt and in her knickers fingering her p****,she was soaking wet and then she orgasmed in her knickers. I pulled them off and lay the seat back and lifted her skirt around her waist,i parted her legs and put my mouth to her p****, mom was so h**** it didn't take her long to come in my mouth then we got out of the car and mom bent over the bonnet and I moved behind her and slipped my throbbing c*** into her and she said f*** my p**** hard. I lent over her and played with her t*** as I rammed into her.After a while mom said yes Michael I'm going to come oh please don't stop yes yes I'm coming.Then I said mom I'm going to come in your p**** then mom said I want it in my mouth and she squatted down put her hand around my c*** and took it into her mouth full length and sucked it, I held the back of her head and f***** her mouth until I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

  • Wow Michael just read your last post your really giving your mom what she needs,your mom must be s** starved to be having all these o******.keep on f****** her Michael. I don't know if you have read Chris's posts.why don't you ask your mom to go without knickers then you can get inside her easier.

  • Michael here I have just read Chris's posts,then I went to my mom and asked her to go without knickers from now on and she said that she would on one condition that I f*** her everyday because she never gets any off dad now.

  • Hi Chris again I am having a great time with my mom's body, I have just licked her out while she was talking to my dad. We have a stable door as a back door.Dad was in the garden and mom was leaning on the bottom half which was closed and knowing that she had no panties on under her skirt I couldn't resist I sneaked up behind her on my hands and knees so that dad didn't see me and I lifted her knee length skirt up and she looked down but didn't say anything. I parted her legs and started licking and fingering her p**** she was so juicy. I took my time enjoying the taste of her sopping wet quim and after a couple of minutes mom had a massive o***** and she had to hold on to the door. She closed the door and turned round and let me have her there and then. I was already hard and I had my c*** out and mom put her hand round it and stroked it, I lifted her skirt back up around her waist put my hands under her bum and lifted her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs round me and I slipped easily into her. I started lifting her up and down and luckily it didn't take me long to come up her p****.We sat by the table after sorting our clothes out and a bit couple of minutes later dad walked in. I f only he knew that his son had just been up his wife and Spunked inside her.

  • Wow Chris I really am enjoying your posts I bet you enjoyed licking and fingering your mom's p**** and making her o***** while she was talking to your dad and then banging her against the will never have better s** than you're having now,keep f****** your mom as much as possible Chris.

  • Thanks for your reply to my last post,you bet I'm going to f*** mom as much as possible every chance I get I will be inside her and I'll tell you all about it

  • Hi I'm Chris I have done my mom again this morning.Dad had gone to work and mom was in the bedroom, I went in closed the door and walked up to her and started unbuttoning her blouse then I reached round and unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor, I reached round and unclipped her bra and lay her down on the bed and undressed and lay down beside her and we started kissing with my hands exploring her body. I put my mouth to her t*** and started sucking and kissing them,then I kissed her down her stomach until I got to her panties and she opened her legs and I pressed my mouth to the gusset feeling her p**** through the thin material all the time she was moaning and saying yes. I pulled her panties off and slipped my tongue into her and licked her to o*****.Then mom pulled me up her, put her hand round my stiff c*** and played with it and then guided me into her love hole and said f*** me hard.After a few minutes i turned over with mom on top and told her to ride me because I wanted to see her t*** bounce up and down as I held them in my hands.As mom was bouncing on my c*** she said I'm coming then she collapsed on me, I got her off and got her on her hands are knees and went behind her and slipped into her p****,she said yes ram it up me hard I want it so much.i held her waist and started banging her full length and she screamed Chris I'm coming then I said mom I'm going to come in your p****,she said I want to feel your s**** shoot up me and then I gave mom a full load all the way up her. Then we lay on the bed and she moved down and cleaned my c*** with her mouth and she said that was the best f*** she had had in years.

  • Hi Chris just read your last confession for a 15 years old you must be having the time of your life but you haven't told us your mom's age or anything, but it must have been great f****** your mom in the bed she shares with your dad especially when you made her o***** and then when she told you to come inside her your a lucky boy

  • Hi just read your reply to my confession,my moms name is Susie she is 37 years old ,5ft 7ins tall with long red hair,slim with 36ins c cup t*** so yes I am having the time of my life because I asked her to go without panties in the house and she said she would and that I can f*** her whenever I want as long as my dad doesn't find out

  • My name is Chris, I was the one who confessed to looking up my moms skirt well here is a bit more for you to read.An hour or so after the hug and after I squeezed my moms bum we had dinner with my dad then my mom did the dishes in the sink as my dad read the paper I gave my mom a hug as I put my arms round her I made sure that he couldn't see and I reached down between her legs,moms skirt has buttons down the front so I undid a button and slipped my hand inside,mom looked round to make sure dad wasn't looking as I slipped my hand into her panties and felt how wet she was,she whispered in my ear come with me she told Dad that I was going to help her on the computer he said that he was going for a shower as soon as the shower went on mom sat me in a chair and told me to pull her knickers down so I reached up her skirt and pulled them down and she stepped out of them then ipushed my trousers and boxers down and my stiff c*** stood upright,mom lifted her skirt up and lowered herself on to me. I was in heaven as I felt her hot p**** slip down my length,mom undid her blouse she had no bra on, I put my mouth to her t*** and started to suck on them mom said put your hands under my bum and lift me up and down so I was bouncing my mom on my stiff c*** while sucking her t*** then she stood up and bent over the desk and said give it to me hard so I stood behind her and entered her full length I reached round her and cupped her t*** while I rammed into her sopping wet p****. Mom said I'm coming and that was it I couldn't hold back anymore and I squeezed my moms t*** as I shot my full load deep inside her. After we had dressed mom hugged me and said that won't be the last time you f*** me.

  • Wow Chris just read your second confession you have done something that all teenage boys who have got hot sexy moms dream of doing I bet it felt good when you were inside your mom especially when you emptied into her, keep the confessions coming.

  • I am15 and I have seen up my moms skirt for the first time today. I was in my bedroom when I heard her call me so I went to see what she wanted,she was going in the loft and asked me to hold the stepladder so I held it as she went up,she was standing on the ladder looking for something then I realised that I could see all the way up her skirt,she had little blue panties on and I became rock hard. I know it was wrong but I was stroking it while looking between my moms legs then as she came down the ladder she asked me to hold on to her.when she got to the floor she was pressed against me and I know she could feel my h****** and she looked at me and smiled and said i know where you have been looking she turned to face me and gave me a big hug and my c*** went between her legs and I put my hands on her bum and gave it a squeeze then she kissed me and said we will do a bit more when your father has gone out.

  • Just read your confession about looking up your mom's and having a squeeze of her bum while your b**** was between her legs you naughty boy remember to let us know what happens next.

  • I saw up my teachers skirt for the first time today her name is Mrs Bradley and she is about 40 years old with a great figure. I was walking behind her in the yard looking at her bum when she went inside and walked up the stairs to the staff room,when she got to the top of the second flight of stairs she stopped to talk to another teacher so I took my chance and stood underneath her and looked up her skirt and because she was standing with her legs apart I could see all the way up to her little white knickers and I got a raging b****. I was in her class this afternoon and all I could think of was that I had seen her knickers and I got another h****** sitting in front of her desk.

  • Well done lad for getting a look up your teachers skirt and being in her class after and thinking about seeing her knickers.

  • The first time I looked up a skirt I was 14 it was my teacher. One morning she asked me to stay behind at lunch time to help her put posters up on the wall because I was quiet and shy. So after the other kids had gone Mrs carter got the step ladder out and asked me to hold it while she was up it. Mrs carter was about 40 with a good figure, so I was holding the ladder and passing posters up to her, she had a knee length loose skirt on and I realised by bending down I could look all the way up her skirt that is when I saw she had stockings on and pink panties. I spent almost half an hour looking up her skirt and that is when I got my first real h******. I was stroking It while looking. As she was putting the last poster up I could take it any more I had to get my erection out and play with it. I was looking at her panties as I shot my load on the floor then I just managed to put myself away before she came down the ladder.

  • Well done for seeing your teachers panties at the age of 14 and having a w*** and coming while looking between her legs

  • I am 17 and have been looking up skirts for years. I go into a shop, gift shops are best with things hanging up on the wall. I ask the lady to get a picture down so she has to go up a step ladder then I have a good look up her skirt then I tell her that I can't afford it so she puts it back on the wall and that takes longer and then I can have a good long look up between her legs, sometimes I can see the outline of her p**** through her thin panties.

  • Thank you after reading your confession I have been going into gift shops and I have been able to see up quite a few skirts and seen a load of panties.

  • Black panties aren't sexy at all, man!

  • I looked up my hot older sister's skirts and robes all the time, as she had a habit of sitting open-legged. She became a teacher, and, her first class was younger, remedial students, so, her habit didn't change. Then, she had high schoolers, lot of boys, who picked up on her long, sexy legs in short skirts, and habit of wearing thong undies and sitting on the desk with her legs straight instead of folded..I have to add, too, that, early in her teaching career, basically right out of college, her skirts were more club than they were school. Short, business-like, but very tight and hot on her body.

    I visited her room one afternoon, and saw it myself; She was in a short, blue skirt, snug to her hips and waist, facing the class while sitting on top of her desk, legs open. The boy's attention was nowhere near on learning material; It was purely on her crotch.. I loved it.

  • That is disgusting, dude.

  • I agree. I have been looking up skirts and hoping to see the ultimate prize, those sweet little panties especially underneath pantyhose.

  • I am a total exhibitionist and love flashing my pierced c***

  • Id love to see

  • I wish i could see up your skirt right now it makes my d*** hard just thinking about it

  • When you look at things fully when a women has a low top shirt line and her upper assets are shown and gets a guy really hot rape is more expected. A see through a skirt is just a look. The guy knows that will be satisfying enough. What gets me really going are women who love showing everything when a small tease no one goes nuts in the complete look.

    In rape they should say did you act in anyway to cause the bad behavior of the guy? They know exactly what they are doing and are just c*** teasers most of the time in a marriage they are ball busters.

  • Shut up and don't talk about rape

  • Dude, shut up

  • I got a good look last Wednesday of a young Lady wearing a White Denim Mini Micro Skirt. She on a Black and White Stripe Pants. When she got out of the Booth she was in, she try to keep from showing it. Now if your going to wear something that short, wouldn't you think that someone is going to look? H***, I sure I'm going to look. What are the Ladies thinking when they put on a Skirt or Dress that comes to the bottom of there ass. That know ones is going to look and if you don't look they thing your gay. Come on give us some credit.

    Also on another view. How any many of the Ladies out there do not wear any Panties? I know my second wife never wore any. Just wondering.

  • I am a 37 year old married mother of 2 and i never wear panties

  • I bet it looks nice up there

  • I go commando always xx

  • Nice and h****

  • Lets compare xx

  • i remember approx 2 yrs back i was in amsterdam on this tour and i was climbing up very narrow steep stairs and in front of me there was these 2 quite sexy and curvy chinese woman and i seen right up their pleated skirts. they were wearing white satin knickers with sheer glossy pantyhose.

    loved it!!

  • Ralph, I never thought what I did would help the cause of world peace, but yes I have intentionally let an occasional guy get a peek up my skirt. But, unlike most girls i am a bit of an exhibitionist and get turned on showing. I have also given a few lucky guys views of my body when I left the blinds open when I undressed.

  • My sincerest thanks and deepest appreciations to the ladies in the comments above who are helping to bring peace to the world by unselfishly giving guys glimpses up their dresses. Now the rest of you b****** get on board!



  • Thanks to you, Ralph. I spread my legs a little while on the bus yesterday morning and made a guy's day who passed by me with his eyes popping out of his head, and, yes, I had black panties on. Just doing my bit for world peace.



  • Are you UK based hope so xx

  • You are a credit to your gender, a princess among women. The Lord will bless you for your unselfish acts of goodwill, and the world is a better place for it.



  • Ralph, I think you should start a petition. You'd probably find millions of guys who would like to help usher in world peace by looking up womens' skirts. Who knows? Maybe the UN would mandate women sitting with their legs open enough to sooth troubled mens' souls and establish peace on earth.

  • I'm with you, Ralph. Getting a clear view up a ladies skirt is like going to heaven. And I like your piece, I mean peace, campaign. If enough ladies would be a little more compassionate and give peace a chance by giving guys better looks up their skirts peace would rule the planets and love would steer the stars, was that from some song? Anyway, Ralph, you get the point. I ride subways to school and only once in awhile a lady gives up a nice up skirt shot. Most are too damn selfish and stingy. What's it gonna take Ralph for these women to see the light and make the world a better place by the small act of spreading their legs just enough to make a guy's day. If I was a babe, I'd see it as my civic duty to share my luscious legs and hot panties with appreciative guys. Why can't they, Ralph?

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