Decision made..

So I got the job offer. And I accepted it. It's a 37% increase in pay, and there are benefits.
But I love my job. I feel like .. I'm breaking my own heart. I have to get over it.
I thought my boss might have a counter-offer or something to try to get me to stay. Instead, he said he thinks I'm over-paid and he can replace me for less money. He also has talked in the past about making me a partner if I take the licensure exam. But today, not so much. Can't guarantee anything. Thinks that me taking the exam would make more hassle for him than anything else.

But he did say that he thinks, knowing me, I'll hate my new job because I'll have to travel.
He likes me just where I am. Doing the grunt work.

I didn't realize the future here was so bleak. I guess I made the right choice.

Aug 8, 2011

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  • It sounds like you did :) Good luck in your new job and good for you,that you took this opportunity!

  • he sounds like an arsehole. he would have meant the things he said the first time, and then realised you could mean expanding his business and that he needs you more than you need him. i'd be very dubious about staying.

  • This was my post. Well, this morning my boss was supposed to be out of the office, but he came in unexpectedly. To see me. To tell me that he thought about it last night, and what I do is worth a lot. There are a lot of things he hadn't thought about yesterday like the fact that all the clients love me, I basically run the place while he's gone, and sometimes when he's here, and he might be able to pay someone less to do the nuts and bolts of my job, but that all the things I do are worth so much more. And- if I want to get licensed we could easily expand the business. He said he knew he'd never find anybody like me, and he offered me a VERY nice raise to stay. Then he HUGGED me, and said, "Please stay. I don't want to lose you." It's nice to know that I could have that huge pay raise at the other place. It's nice to feel wanted and respected. But- it's also nice to have a job that you love (I really mean it- I love my job) and it's nice to come home every night to your family instead of sitting in a cheap hotel room all alone two or three nights a week. I'm staying right where I am. I am so, so, SO happy right now. Thank you for commenting, you guys.

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