I am NOT naturally pretty and it's killing me

I've always been ashamed to admit it cause I know it's so vain and superficial. I am surrounded by girls with perfectly shaped faces and symmetrical facial features. I can look really good with make up on (not LOTS of it, but a fairly decent amount, as long it's put properly) - I honestly don't know WHY it makes me look so different, I guess it's because it makes my abnormally small eyes really pop out. I am considered pretty by everyone who's only seen me with make up on but ugly by everyone else (I'm not imagining things, I've heard them talking).
I know girls who face a similar issue but their biggest problem tends to be their skin - but acne can be treated, whereas I get to keep my small eyes and horribly prominent jaw forever.
Sometimes I wish make up was never invented so that I wouldn't be tempted to deceive everyone.
And NO, i don't use too much of it. All it takes is some eyeliner and a mascara, but trust me, if they're the right color, the difference is just massive..
I know I should be grateful for just being a healthy young woman, but I just wish I had naturally attractive feminine features. Just had to get it off my chest.

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  • Actually, acne cannot always be treated, it can often leave your face permanently marked either with potholes or at least blemishes and it also destroys your confidence so much that you often cannot get it back. I had awful acne and it has left me with blemishes, my skin is not beautiful and I wear makeup every day. I do not go out without makeup on as my complexion is never smooth enough looking. I had awful acne from age 13 to 17, which made my teenage years h*** and I was never attractive.... it cleared up a lot and then a bit more, but even though it is much better now than it used to be, I still feel self-conscious about my complexion and I have had to accept hat I will NEVER have nice skin or a nice complexion or feel comfy as I am when I wake up. It stops me wanting to wake up next to anyone. My skin is very pale so it looks worse than on a darker person.

  • I totally get you. I look above average when I wear makeup (just a little), stand under specific kind of lighting, and adjust my photos using vsco or photoshop. It's so unfair because others wear no makeup at all and can make funny faces on snapchat and still look beautiful. I also tend to be stiff because I'm not confident with people seeing my less flattering angles and it pains me to see happy beautiful people with their hair matted with sweat. Sometimes when I'm surrounded by beautiful people, I just want to cry because I feel sorry for myself. I'm glad that you wrote this article. But what do we do? ??

  • I am the SAME way! Oh my god I feel like this is something I could have written. I worry to have a boyfriend because he wouldn't know "the real me". And I don't know which one is the "real" me either: the one without te makeup or the one with it? It's so confusing.

    BUT I'm realizing as I get older (I'm sixteen now) I'm using far less makeup than I did when I was 14. And each year, I'm using less because each year I feel like I am getting prettier. Either that, or I'm just learning to accept myself and that seems good enough for me.

    Whatever makes you feel comfortable, go with that. Just stay the same person and don't try to change your attitude or personality depending on how you look. That's what Ive learned!

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