Wipe my mind clean.

I walked in on my son-in law, I am 61 and he is 44 and there wasn't supposed to be anyone home so he was sleeping in the...buff, I had to go to their house to get something and I knew where it was, My daughter told me it was on the shelf in the closet and so I quietly sneaked into the house knowing he had just gotten off al ong shift two hours before and would be asleep, I went to the bedroom, Crept through into the walk-in closet and got what I had gone for.
As I turned around he took a deep breath, Grunted, Stretched and rolled from his stomach to his back and his leg pulled off the covers. My son in-law is a tall, Well proportioned guy and I always kind of expected he would be proportionate down there but I was shocked, Don't get the wrong idea, I would normally not have innappropriate thoughts about my son in law but he has been with my daughter 20 years, and have been on my own for 25 years since my husband passed, I have overheard things, Seen the outline or the odd bulge and thought I had a general idea.
Nope I was wrong, He is massive, I was trapped in the walk-in and had no choice but to walk right past to get out of the room, I stepped to the doorway between the bedroom and the closet and was close enough to get a VERY good view of it. I have been with my share of men but nothing that even comes close to that, He must have been having a good dream because he was rock hard and no jokes it laid on his stomach and touched his belly button but the length wasn't even the shocker, It was the girth, I couldn't help but stare, I kept telling myself to go, Walk through and just go but it was like my feet were glued to the floor.
I stood there a long time and finally he sighed and rolled onto his stomach again, I tip toed past and out of the room, I carefully closed the door behind me and and left...Here is the problem, I have woken up at least a dozen times since then soooo aroused that I have had to shower sometimes in the middle of the night to....relieve myself and find my mind wandering sometimes during the day to the image in my mind of his huge c***. I need to somehow wipe that image from my mind and reset my brain.

Mar 26, 2021

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  • Love how the guy that keeps posting about incest made this post hit the trending tab. I wouldn't have found it if not. You do realize they aren't related by blood, so it's not incest bro? Just so you know, most times the blanket just happens to move and he is hard, it was planned. He was warned that you would be swinging by and he pretended to be asleep. I did that with my MIL once.

  • He is not the only well hung man in the world. Find yourself a well hung boy friend. Or a friends with benefits Bull of a man. Life is to short not to live it.

  • Any size is healthy s**

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