Attracted to my wife's best friend

I think my wife's best friend is gorgeous. We were friends before I got together with my wife and we kissed once a long time ago. Recently I've been fantasizing about having s** with her. It doesn't help that she's very comfortable with me so when we're around each other there's a lot of hugging and touching.

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  • I had a similar incident last year with my GFs best friend. She's beautiful and like my GF had a rough tough childhood. That is what attracted me to my GF....I wanted to make her life soooo much better than she had experienced before. Well her GF was going through rough times so we let her stay with us for a few months...nothing happened between us besides getting to know each other. A few months after she moved out and got back on her feet she began coming around A LOT. She would stop by all the time, when my GF was home or not. It was summer so there were times we'd sit outside and have a few beers together while my GF was at work.....then we started meeting up at night clubs...first it was just innocent dancing an drinking. We would leave separately and that would be that. But I couldn't get her out of my mind. We would secretly text all the time...then came the pictures to each other. One night out we left together and just started making out....we left it at that. This happened a few times. I was mesmerized by her. Infatuated. One nite after the club I ended up at a friends and confessed my obsession for her. Course in my drunkin state I didn't care who was around. An acquaintance of my GF day she told my GF all she was a difficult few months after that. I cut all ties to my GFs best friend and began repairing the destruction I caused in my relationship. Things are good now but it wasn't easy to fix. Thank god my lady loves me an wanted to keep us together. I feel horrible that I destroyed their childhood friendship. I hope my story helps in anyway.

  • Are you worried about cheating? If you are, and you have any self respect, you will avoid this woman unless in a group or with your wife.

    Pull yourself together.

  • Man, just get a threesome going. You can have your cake and eat it too.

  • Woudnt take that chance.

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