I'm a 19 year old Japanese girl who live in the US now and I always find myself fantasizing about s**. But I have no idea how s** even starts... And there are never guys that look clean and kind that around who I can have a good relationship with. I guess time will tell right? (?•?•?)

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  • P***, that is how I learned. As soon as you see it you just instantly know everything about. Like when you can't remember something and all of the sudden you get remind and you just know what it is. It will also "satisfy" your fantasizes. Once you get the base of it the rest just kind of comes natural. Beside a guy will usually lead.

  • Where are you? I don't really know how to advise you but make sure whoever you eventually have s** with uses a condom. Get to know the guy first. Don't give yourself to just anybody.

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