Birth Control Lies

I have an IUD, but lately I've gotten into the habit of telling guys I'm not on birth control just for the fun of it. It started as a way to get them to complain less about condoms. Then one time I let a guy take the condom off. I made him think I could easily get pregnant and he said he would pull out but he didn't. When he told me he was coming in me, naturally I didn't bother to resist because I knew I was protected so I let him finish with a smile. I may have even opened my legs a little wider for him. When he got all nervous, I promised him that if I got pregnant I'd have his baby and give it up for adoption and he'd never have to worry bout it. He got sooo hard, sooo quick after I said that. It was the first time I ever had a guy f*** me twice in a row. Literally less than 5 minutes between. The effect it had on him made me excited. It felt good to have such a crazy effect on a guy.

So the next time I was about to have an anonymous hookup I let the guy think I could get pregnant and I let him go bareback. I kept enticing him... I kept asking him if it would feel better if he didn't have to pull out, if he was going to be a naughty boy and shoot inside me, I told him how much I wished I could feel him come in me, that it was too bad he had to pull out and I said all those things with an inviting smile. It worked. He couldn't resist. It was so much fun to see the look on his face. I seriously think guys come harder when they think they're going to knock me up. Except I don't think this guy believed me when I told him that I would never come asking for child support because he asked me to leave real fast.

The last time I had a hookup neither of us mentioned a condom or birth control at first. Once we got really into it I told him as cute as I could, "I'm not on birth control but I won't mind if you want to try and get me pregnant. I promise never to bother you with the responsibility unless you want it. I believe it's a woman's duty to pleasure a man and accept whatever consequences come of it." He didn't believe me and I scared him but after I reassured him he was really excited and into it. He told me it was the most intense s** of his life and he's been calling me to hookup again. I haven't yet. Tbh I don't really believe in those things I told him and I don't think it will be the same the second time with the same guy.

I have two concerns. Is it wrong to lie to strangers about being fertile when I am perfectly safe with an IUD? I feel a little guilty about the last guy because he's so excited by it but at same time it's really fun and makes me happy to give guys such a rare sort of pleasure and excitement. More importantly I don't usually have unprotected s**. I've only been with 6 guys no condom, 3 in the last 3 months. I get nervous about STI's. So far I'm still clean and I'm afraid it's going to take me getting something before I learn. This new kink isn't helping. It's really fun and I want to keep doing it with new guys.

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  • News flash: IUDs do nothing to prevent STDs

  • It's no news flash. I know, but take the chance because it's so much fun.

  • No man should be asked to pull out and no woman should bother a man if she knocks up its her busness unles hes married 2 her

  • I agree soon the dad wil hav to change f**** baby

  • I love having risky s** with strangers too.. candi

  • I'll have risky s** with you, want to knock you up too.

  • I love when a guy tells me that. Candi

  • I've f***** 3 in a row

  • Iv done this too. having a stranger f*** me gets even more intence when i tell them to knock me up

  • I have been doing this a lot lately. It is a major turn on and guys just f*** with such intensity when they think you are gonna get pregnant. I love it!

  • Thank you, Mandi. A lot of people say the same thing. The guys seem to like it and I like the reaction so no harm done.

  • You are welcome. And they really do and nothing like seeing the smile on their face after they have done it. They feel rewarded, and I always feel good seeing that look.

  • Congrats on being responsible wish al girls were like u som b****** expect guy to pull out r wear condom this is unfair they should take care of themselves r get the kid adopted guys dont want kids

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