Girl friends lies

Been dating a girl for 2 years , then she suddenly starts cheating on me .We both work in the city and from time to time we would have lunch together. Then out of the blue she stopped going to lunch with me. she came up with every excuse in the book why she couldn't go to lunch.
Then she had excuses not to see me on weekends when we used to go clubbing on Long Island. I of course was very suspicious and angry.
One friday night I was at a club we used to go to from time to time. To my surprise I saw her walk in with a guy, someone I didn't know. They were hand in hand and were flirting like crazy. I watched as they sat in some dark corner of the place and were making out like two wild animals. She had her hands allover this guy, she was rubbing his b**** and anything she could get her hands on.
I sat there feeling horrible I felt like a fool.
Soon they got up and left , I thought I knew where they were going. It was a secluded beach on the north shore where we used to go. Sure enough there they were in the back seat of the car s******* their brains out.. I have to admit I wasn't surprised at all.
I found out later that the guy was one of her ex lovers from her college days.
The next day I confronted her , I wanted to know what was going on, she lied like a rug. I called her out on her lies and she began to cry . She said she was sorry that it wouldn't happen again .
What horse s***, I told her she was right it wouldn't happen again because we were finished.
Why did she lie ? Why did she cheat ? What made her think she would get away with it ?
She must of thought I was a fool or someone so stupid that i wouldn't notice that something was going on.
I ask you , what was she thinking , I thank God i found out before we got into a deeper relationship.

Mar 26, 2020

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  • So is she still puttin out?

  • All women lie. No matter the age.

  • Most women cheat these days. Just get ready for it after you get married. Monogamy isn't natural for humans.

  • No, I'm sorry but you're wrong. ALL women lie. 100% of them. "Perfidy, they name is woman."

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