My breakup story

So, what you are reading isnt exactly a confession. Its more of me, looking for advice annomonisly. (Im aware i spelled it wrong.) 

Okay, so let me start explaining my story. I am a 12 year old girl, and I am going into Middle School in 3 weeks from today. I am a brunette with gorgoues freckles and beautiful blue eyes. 

So, there was this guy in my 6th grade class. To protect identities, lets call him HB for "heart-breaker." Before HB and I were dating, I used to like him a lot. I had a playful crush on him, and i think HB knew it. 

A few days later (St. Patricks Day) he asked me out. Like the whole girlfriend-boyfriend thing. I said yes, and we were dating. And our relationship went smoothly... for a while. 

Later in our relationship- about 3 months later- I found out that HB is the biggest wuss I've ever met. We had been dating for 3 months, and he hadn't hugged me once. He didn't talk to me, call me, or even touch me. I was disappointed, and hurt that HB wouldnt get near me. I was mad. 

Before school ended, on Field Day, i found out from his friends that he had called me and my friends all Fat - A****. I was totally mad, and almost broke up with him until he came up to me and told me it wasnt true. I believed him, but he lost my trust for a while. 

When school ended, I was also mad AGAIN at HB because he showed no emotion at all that we would probably not see each other all through Summer Break. He didnt say anything like "I'll miss you" or "I love you." Or anything. 

So, the night of the last day of school, HB and his friends had a sleepover. At last, HB would text me. He never did. 

For me, that was a very fun night. HB was saying why he loved me, and he would say "XOXOX" and call me beautiful, nice, kind, and he wanted to be with me forever. 

In the moment, I wasnt thinking anything of HB's lies. Later on, I found out that those texts meant nothing and that HB's friend was texting me that whole time, pretending to be HB. It really hurt me. 

For a whole month, we hadn't talked or texted. It seemed he was ignoring me. Little did i know, he was. :( 

So, in The beginning of August, HB had told me he was breaking up with me and that he never liked me. He used me. HB never felt anything, while I was feeling compassion and love for him. It was sad knowing he wasted 6 months of my life. 

Later, I asked one of my trusted guy friends what the deal with HB was. This guy said that HB thought I was fat and ugly And he never wanted to talk to me again.  it crushed me and put me down for a couple weeks. I'm fine now, but it is still depressing to think about. 

So, the reason that I wrote this article was to get some advice. I dont know what to do about HB. He blocked me from his phone, but I want to talk to him. i recently found out that HB is on my Middle School team. Is it going to be awkward with him? If you have some advice to get over a break up, could you please leave comments? I really need help, and I know that my life cannot stop because of HB. What should I do? I want to yell at him, and my friends are very supportive, and would yell at him, tooo. 

So, please help me. I really dont know what to do. I wish i could yyell at him, but he blocked me and thats a major put down. 

While writing comments, remember that I am only 12 years old, and I need to get some appropritete advice. Please help. is my last hope.

PLEASE help me. Im begging you. :(

Aug 17, 2011

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  • its going to be awkward seeing him and its only natural that your going to hate him and cry about him . the only thing that can help you is time ,good friends, and making yourself happy. DONT pay any attention to him because you basically giving him what he wants , the cruel satisfaction of seeing you in pain. so play his game differently and show him how happy you are with out him and that you dont need him and will never need him ! you are very mature for age and keep that up !! and know that more idiot boyfriends are going to come along ! its okay to cry about it but don't ruin your entire life over it ! middle schools hard but just wait till high school lol ! but i have confidence you will stay strong ! good luck :)

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